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Our lifeguard hire service is described below. At any point, you can click ahead to get prices and book, read on for more info on our program on this page, or jump to the very bottom to see our staff in your specific home area (Cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast area, and Adelaide, and on occasion Perth, ask us).

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Happy Swimmers Private Lifeguard Hire Service For Your Backyard Pool Party

We had a Happy Swimmers lifeguard at my son’s 6th birthday party, Matt. He showed up on time, was incredibly friendly and amazing at his job. About 2 hours into the party the pool was packed with kids. I was talking to a friend when suddenly I saw Matt jump up from his chair, run to the far side of the pool and pull my 2-year-old daughter from underwater. He saved her life. None of us saw what happened and my daughter got lost in the crowd. I cannot recommend this company enough and will be using them again at every pool party we have.–James R. 6/1/2013

Happy Swimmers lifeguards began serving American families 26 years ago.  This year, we’ve jumped across the pond to serve Aussies nationwide in the major cities and suburbs including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.  We look forward to serving your needs with our talented, and attentive party lifeguards. We provide professional, general liability insured, highly experienced nationally certified Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia Lifeguards to supervise your pool party activity, keeping the kids safe, and giving you peace-of-mind. All of our staff are also current in CPR and First Aid certifications and have a Working with Children clearance.

Why hire us over another lifeguard company or a freelancing lifeguard for a pool party? – We are a lifeguard hire company that protects you with general liability insurance.   God forbid, if an accident happens, you want your guard(s) insured for you.  Would you drive a car without insurance?  We cover you and your event, so you can enjoy the party.

Additionally, please know freelancers are completely uninsured. Who checks their backgrounds and lifeguard certification status-expired? Our staff is professionally checked for these. We hire the cream of the crop with the best experience, and with us, you have a team of managers and a company to back you up if a guard falls through (otherwise common in today’s age).

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How much notice is needed for booking us?

Many times we can fill last minute orders, yet to guarantee a specific date, 1 or more weeks notice is preferred. If booking between 48 and 72 hours/2-3 days notice (example booking on Wednesday or Thursday for a Saturday party) we include a $30 rush fee for these orders. If booking with 48 hours or less, there is a $50 rush fee per lifeguard, with your guard assigned within 3 hours of booking or a refund given (rarely needed). Use our online booking in any case as our full staff is automatically notified.  Again, any lifeguard rush order needs the booking form completed first for fastest assignment.

How many lifeguards are needed?

Depending on the age group of the swimmers at the party, and the expected headcount, our director Jenn, will guide you on this. One lifeguard is usually sufficient for up to 15 swimmers of varying abilities.

Do the lifeguards conduct entertainment activities?

Our lifeguards are all highly personable and intend to have the kids have a fun, safe experience in the pool. Their key job is watching the pool completely. If the lifeguard feels confident in the swimming skills of all the kids present, he or she can coordinate some relay races, sharks and minnows games, etc. but must maintain supervision from the deck for the safety of all. If you are hiring two lifeguards, more flexibility in duties could be arranged with prior approval from our office.

Cost: For a party of 3 hours or less we charge a flat fee of $224.  Pricing is auto-calculated on the booking form to include rushes where needed.

Time above 3 hours:  Each additional half hour is $37 (which is $74 per hour) per lifeguard. Our price is the lowest of any liability insured lifeguard company, guaranteed. We take payment through this website to hold your date, see link at the bottom to make your booking. In rare events, if you would need to cancel our services with less than 48 hours notice of the party date, we must charge our minimum billing which will be the amount equal to 50% of the booking. If canceling with more than 48-hour notice, we give a full refund. If you have a balance due at the end of the party you may pay it by revisiting our website to pay by credit card.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have been in business for 26 years, and so many parents have told us they were relieved to have us as dedicated, trained eyes watching the party. It’s the smartest insurance policy you could have for everyone present!

What’s your refund policy for bad weather?

You can either reschedule or get a full refund with this condition: You have called/texted your lifeguard (or each lifeguard if a multiple guard event) BEFORE they make the trip to your event and express you are canceling the lifeguard need due to bad weather.  You are free to reschedule rain days with no penalty this way which is common for some areas, not to worry.  However, if the lifeguard is on their way or shows up for work having not been reached before they’ve left for your event, we must charge ( and they are paid) for a base 3-hour minimum shift plus any rush and/or excess travel fee previously agreed.

Have a safe and fun event!
– Jenn Tyler, Owner.

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