On-Site Lifeguard Training

Our On-Site Red Cross Lifeguard Training serves several metro areas from our branch offices in Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington DC.

This lifeguard certification course is at your chosen pool location.

We offer the full 2- 2 1/2 day course for first timers, or the 1 day review course, for those still certified but renewing.  Full course is $224 all inclusive, and the one day review course is $144 all inclusive. DFW and East Coast courses somewhat higher, see the respective area page.

Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Choose Your Metro Region

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Intended for good swimmers (easiest if you are at a Swim Team/Water Polo Team level, and avid swimmers).  Read below for the pre-test swim competency if you are unsure.

Lifeguard training Red Cross certifications are given for each student passing all curriculum points for Lifeguard Training, CPR-Pro, AED and Lifeguard First Aid. Our Los Angeles,  San Jose/San Francisco,  Texas and East Coast branches conduct at-your-location lifeguard certification in one intensive weekend, or spread over a mix of evening time weekdays and weekend training.

This is a 2 day intensive course, usually arranged on one full weekend, or on two consecutive Saturdays or two consecutive Sundays.  These days are just our most common, yet you are free to arrange weekdays as well.  Most groups though opt for weekend. This training is intended for strong swimmers in the 2 day format (swim team/water polo member etc.) or if not so strong we can offer a 2 1/2 day format for moderate swimmers.

7 students take the Lifeguard CPR session at home as part of the weekend class

7 students take the Lifeguard CPR session at home as part of the weekend class

There is a 6 participant minimum for private classes. If you’re by yourself, we can still likely fit you in on one of the forming groups.  See below.  If you have a group of less than our minimum 6, and want to proceed with less than 6, it’s ok, we must still charge our minimum base price based on 6 and divide it between participants.  Another option if you have less than 6, is to agree to host a few kids from our wait list to at least make your minimum.

Your group provides the pool (it can be a backyard pool for skills). We will test kids at a nearby standard 25 yard pool for final checks.

Cost per student is $189 tuition and materials + $35 Red Cross online text, and certification fee–total: $224.

 View the Lifeguard Class Textbook online here

The benefits of booking us for a private class over a Park and Rec class?

  • You choose the dates and times that work for your group, not on someone else’s schedule
  • It’s YOUR group, at YOUR location
  • Class size is limited, better quality and done quicker.
  • Your staff instructors are top notch pros.
  • If you have to reschedule, you can.
  • Our effort is to the individual, not to move the group on and let a few fail.
  • We’ve been doing LGT’s 20+ years.  We know how to make it fun and effective.

Our fee is payable by check (at class) or credit card (prior to class). For credit card payments, see link at the bottom of this page. We offer our lowest price guarantee for any private class booking.  If you find a lower price, by an insured Red Cross authorized company doing a private class, we’ll match it or beat it.

We’ve been doing this training 20 years and have a passion and a track record of making the highest quality privately trained guards in the industry.

One recent testimonial:

I am so pleased with the training experience with John Tyler this last weekend at 24 Hour Fitness, West Hills.  It was difficult as we packed it all in just two days.  I’m very happy to let my family, friends, clients, class participants & the world to know that I PASSED! YES! But more importantly I feel confident that I now am totally competent to face challenges that may certainly face most of us in our lives; whether those challenges are to pass a test or to actually use these skills to save a life.    Thank you John for hanging in there with us, being so calm, patient & seeing that we “got it”! Thank you John from the bottom of my heart!  It was a excellent experience!  Sincerely, Susanna Gayedon

Lifeguard classes appear on our calendar below.   Some may be private, others will say if they are open for individuals to join.  They will be listed as such in their expanded info–click on the training event in the calendar in which you are interested.

Course Pre-test ability checkoff:

  • Student minimum age is 15 by final day of class.
  • Swim 300 yards (example: 12 lengths of a standard 25 yard public pool) demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing without stopping, not timed.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs
  • A timed weight-retrieval drill (the Brick) where you swim 20 yards, do a surface dive to a 10-pound weight in 7-10 feet deep water, surface and swim on your back with the object 20 yards, exit the water without using a ladder or steps. The time limit is 1 minute and 40 seconds.  This is an easy time interval for the normal swimmer.

Our upcoming classes:

Click on the event in the calendar you’re interested in for specific enrollment details.

Calendar link also accessed by clicking here

 View the Lifeguard Class Textbook online here

girls jumping in water

Ready to Jump on in? Here we go…

Easy Steps to Form a Private Group Lifeguard Class:


Email Jenn at Happy Swimmers Swim School    jtyler@happyswimmers.com, about any course questions.  Please make sure your host pool is heated (85 degrees+ preferred), has at least a 7 foot deep end, and you have a comfortable space available to watch some DVD segments ( a living room is fine).  Please email our office a couple of pictures taken of your pool to make sure it’s suitable for the training.  Although a large hot tub is warm and fun, it’s not sufficient for the training. :)


Organize the dates you want within your group: often Saturday full day, Sunday  full day works well. The 2 day intensive version is geared for strong swimmer, well focused students. If your group isn’t that, schedule 2 1/2 days with us.


Visit this link below for our sister company, jtacpr.com, to book your class.


Please pay for 1 student as a deposit by credit card on that enrollment form, to hold your dates for the group.  Here’s the payment link if you missed it.


Receive your class confirmation info immediately by email, and our veteran Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor will  make further arrangements with you from there.  Your class will then be posted on our calendar below to reserve your chosen dates in our system.  With over 20 years of training the nation’s lifeguards, we’re confident you’ll have a great class!

Tip: Look through chapters on Water rescue skills, spinal emergencies, CPR and First aid prior to class, it goes easier if you’re familiar with some of the basics:

 View the Lifeguard Class Textbook online here

Lifeguard students practicing victim removal from the pool

Lifeguard students practicing victim removal from the pool

Any individuals not with their own group, please fill out a brief contact form here to be notified of classes as they solidify.

(Note: no individuals will be served during our Winter season October to February, only groups of 6 or more with your own pool.  Individuals adding in will resume March 1st, for Spring and Summer trainings so individuals, fill the below form out then).


If you would like to pay for your class by credit card or Paypal draft, pay here, and bring your receipt to the first class to show the instructor.  Have a great class!