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Lifeguard Service

We’re expanding up from DC to Baltimore with one intention: To keep your guests safe at your pool party or lake event. Happy Swimmers has been in business 27 years, and kept that intention strong with over 70 rescues performed last summer at parties where the guests never would have guessed…but our lifeguards are trained and ready to help. We have you covered so you enjoy the party.

The average age of our lifeguards are 24. These are not the high school boy down the street, but experienced professionals, liability insured, and giving you top service.

We welcome you to our program. Happy swimming ahead!

Jenn Tyler,
Founder and Director
27 years


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Columbia MD-BMore and area Lifeguards at Your Service

Andrew Owais, East Coast Lifeguard Manager

12 years lifeguarding experience!

12 years experience and our East Coast Lifeguard Manager, Congratulations, Andrew!

My favorite thing about lifeguarding is knowing that I can make a difference and save a life. My intentions are not just to do my job effectively but to also make sure that everyone has fun and feels like family. A fun fact about me is that I lifeguarded for a movie shoot which was a very exciting experience for me.

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