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No bookings now until Spring 2019. Exception: Owner Jenn may possibly serve you.  Contact our office.

Happy Swimmers started by teaching at-home swim lessons in 1991 in Los Angeles, with 22 clients. Soon after beginning, we found the need to provide private lifeguard service to our clients as potential drownings in back yard pools happened all too often in Los Angeles.

In 2002, our owner moved to Kaua’i where she currently resides, but the call to lifeguard the little ones still remains. We provide lifeguard service to children’s parties in Honolulu on over to the windward side communities of Kailua and Kaneohe. Happy Swimmers has a dedicated staff of experienced lifeguards serving Oahu and all the Islands. You can see more Hawaii instructors and learn about how they can safeguard your personal pool.

We carry insurance for any pool we guard (some homeowners association and management companies ask, and we can provide a copy to them).

Can we serve your area? If you’re in Honolulu Metro area, or winward side, it will be our pleasure to serve you.

-or- View of our lifeguards in the Hawaiian Islands and read their expert bios with training experience.

If a question isn’t answered on our website, you can always use our yellow “contact” tab at the top right hand side of any of our pages to contact us by email or call our Kaua’i office which coordinates our Honolulu area staff, phone: (808) 635-7062 (Kaua’i phone, please dial 808 first).


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Our Lifeguard Service Staff Members in Honolulu

Alex, Lifeguard for Hire. My perfect day consist of Surf🏄🏼 And Turf

Growing up by the beach and pools my whole life, I know the importance of water safety. I will provide a quality of lifeguarding experience, along with presenting an aloha spirit that our clients deserve.

I have been doing surf lessons at the Hilton Hawaiian village for almost 5 years and just re-certified for my 3rd time as a lifeguard. I need some extra hours of work and was referred to Happy Swimmers due to their exceptional reputation with clients and employees. I have worked with clients of all ages and strive to bring a quality service of professionalism and hospitality. I played water polo and swim throughout high school, and was a part time pool monitor for 2 summers. I have spent a ample amount of time around water, giving me sharp, fast acting reactions as a waterman.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Honolulu proper, Hawaii kai, Kahala, Kailua, Waikiki, among others. 

Debbie Nate, Nationwide Lifeguard Services Manager, and Traveling Ski Goddess

Simi Valley

Debbie is a graduate of CSUN with a background in teaching Physical Education and Special Education for students with Specific Learning Disabilities. She had worked for LAUSD as a teacher for 37.5 years. She has also been a Professional Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Training Instructor with the American Red Cross and LAUSD. She has taught First Aid and CPR for over 30 years and feels that it is important to give back to the community. She has a strong background in working with the community in planning and scheduling events for the Civic Center Division for LAUSD.  Debbie is excited to be a part of the Instructor Team for JTA CPR and looks forward to being part of the expanding Management Team of Happy Swimmers. In her free time, Debbie loves to hike, ski where ever there is snow, swim and travel.

Hailee Stacy | Swim Instructor

Hailee Stacy, Honolulu Swim Instructor and Lifeguard


Hi, my name is Hailee and I have been a continuous swim instructor for 5 years now. Deciding to get my WSI certification has been the most rewarding part of any job I have done! I love the friendly and active environment that swimmers and the water provides. Until recently, I was employed with a city pool for almost 5 years. We catered to both seasonal swim lessons and swim teams. I have worked with ages 6 months – 76 years old and groups of 1 to 15! Swimming is such a important skill to learn and it doesn’t matter what age you start at. With some toys, games, rhymes and more, I love trying to make a fun and informative environment to learn in! Also, with a lifeguarding background, safety is my top priority for every lesson. 

 I have also been a lifeguard for 5 years. Deciding to get my lifeguard certification has been the best experience as a job! I love the outdoors and friendly environment that swimmers and pools provide. Until recently, I was employed with a city pool for almost 5 years. We catered to birthday parties, swim teams, swim lessons, meets, swim-in-movies, aerobics, and more with all ages and all sizes. With many rescues and continued training, my eyes are always alert for you! Also, for parties within size, I will offer in or out of water game time. Thank You!

I serve all of Oahu.

I also have my Title 22 certification.


Jenn Tyler, President of the Company, LGI, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Company owner with 27 years lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, and swim teaching experience

Living on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i most of the year, and traveling to Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Houston regularly to lead Lifeguard Courses and CPR training, Jenn has been the director of Happy Swimmers for over 25 years. It is a passion to assist in the empowerment of children learning how to swim in a medium once considered a fearful, uncertain place, magically turned into a supportive, fun environment to be explored with friends. The same goes for lifeguarding and training new lifeguards–there is no greater inner joy either in saving someone’s life as a lifeguard, or teaching others how to perform lifesaving skills. It is an honor for me to watch my students grow–where once there was doubt or panic, now there is strength and confidence.

Thank you for looking to become a Happy Swimmer!

–Jenn Tyler, owner, and founder

Jocelyn, Lifeguard for Hire

Los Angeles and Honolulu

My name is Jocelyn, I’m 17 years old and I just graduated high school. This is my first experience as a lifeguard but I am very excited. I’ve always wanted to become a lifeguard, and I can’t wait to start. I was previously a swim instructor for two summers, so I have a lot of experience working with kids.

I serve the LA and Honolulu communities of Encino, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Woodland Hills, among others

Kai, Honolulu Lifeguard for Hire


Aloha, my name is Kai and I have 4 years Lifeguarding experience!

Lifeguarding was an easy choice due to my natural love for the water. I started my lifeguard career in Bermuda as a Beach Lifeguard. The Bermuda Lifeguard Service instilled the responsibilities of lifeguarding and the importance of prevention. Thanks to comprehensive training, we have prevented countless number of incidents from escalating. 3 years in the Bermuda Lifeguard Service gave me the opportunity to lifeguard in Washington DC and Australia. I have gained lifeguard experience in marathons, corporate functions, lounges, recreation centers, fitness gyms, private homes, and even birthday parties. Anything to put the heart near the water.

I am certified globally through American Red Cross Cert, RLSS UK cert, RLSS Australia cert, NBLQ cert.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Makaha, Honolulu, Kaneohe, Hale’iwa, among others.

Kumu Blomfield, Private Swim Instructor and Lifeguard


I have been a lifeguard for 8 years I have taught swim lessons for 5 years.

As a young child I began my teaching career babysitting my younger siblings in the shoreline of Haleiwa, where we were raised. We grew up in the ocean learning to dive, sail, fish and surf, and I never missing an opportunity to learn more about the water. I passes on what I knew to my siblings and as a young adult began teaching others as well. After graduating from Kamehameha Schools, I began beach guarding for the City and County of Honolulu as well as Hawaiian Water Patrol, both specializing on beaches along the North Shore of Oahu. I continue to serve this duty and teach the youth thru programs like Jr. Lifeguards and Surfers Healing, a non-profit organization that takes/teaches children with autism how to surf.

Kyle | Lifeguard

Kyle, Lifeguard for Hire


Hey I’m Kyle, and I moved to Honolulu from Orange County, New York about a year and a half ago to study nursing at Hawaii Pacific University. When I lived in New York, I was a lifeguard for about three years, although in New York, the lifeguarding season is typically only during the Summer. For two Summers I independently lifeguarded at various sized private pools in New York and New Jersey that ranged from having 0 – 40 patrons of all ages in the pool at any given time. The Summer after that, I worked in a team of lifeguards at the YMCA on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York to supervise two separate very large and busy pools. Throughout my 3 years of lifeguarding, I or one of my team members have never had enter the water to save a drowning victim while I was on the clock because myself and my team have successfully prevented any serious emergencies before they happened.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Honolulu, Kailua, Kaneohe, among others. 

Lauren Sands, office assistant

Michah, Honolulu Lifeguard for Hire


Hi, my name is Micah Wong. I enjoy lifeguarding, I like being in this type of background. I am also a student in college. I am currently enrolled in the fire and emergency response program at HCC. I’m looking to go into that field later on. One thing that I enjoy about being a lifeguard is that you meet a lot of different people which makes for a good experience. A fun fact about me is I’m into sports and I like to surf.

Paola Chamberlain, Swim Instructor

Santa Clarita, CA

11 Years Experience!

Serving areas like:Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks

Hi there, my name is Paola! I LOVE swimming and working with kids! It’s always fun and an adventure! Swimming has always been in my life (I was an competitive swimmer)! I’ve been teaching this beautiful sport since 2004 with ages 04 to 17 and adults. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and I was also a Youth counselor on a cruise ship! I am excited for the opportunity to inspire others to feel the same way I do about the water! ! Be ready to learn and have a lot of fun! 🙂


Regional Lifeguard Manager Christine Sanders

Clear Lake, Houston, TX

Regional Manager of Event Lifeguards. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything lifeguard for hire related once you’ve made your online booking. For booking questions or suggestions, use the contact form for our owner, Jenn, for any assistance leading up to your online booking. Have a happy and safe party!Christine Sanders

A little bit about Christine: After working as an LAPD scientific investigator for 11 years I transitioned to completing my M.S. degree in Chemistry then followed a teaching and research path in university academics for several years. I then moved to Hawaii in 2008 where I first joined the JTA CPR/ Happy Swimmers team as a CPR/First Aid instructor. During these years I had always made a priority in volunteerism being active in the National Ski Patrol and the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Today I reside in Houston and presently support Help America Today turning elementary aged kids into the volunteers of tomorrow through grassroots community service projects. My passion for teaching and making a positive impact on our society is why I love teaching CPR and First Aid, particularly for those never certified. I am proud to now expand into the administrative staff of the company and be a part of turning children into happy swimmers.

Regional Swim Instructor Manager Bettina Perkins

Based in Austin, TX

I’m your Region’s Manager of Swim Instructors. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything swim instructor related once swim lessons have begun with your instructor.

A little more about me… I’ve been actively teaching swim lessons for six years and enjoy this more than any other profession I’ve ever been involved in. There is nothing better than doing what you love for a living and being able to teach and share it with others. I get to teach a child; learn life long skills that last a life time, as well as safety and the joy of the water. I’m always amazed at how students learn so much in a short period of time. It is also fun to watch them “Strut Their Stuff” when they become confident at what they have learned. I started swimming at age 3 and have never enjoyed anything more than the water. I have been a competitive swimmer, PADI diver and Coast Guard Auxiliary member for many years. Welcome to Happy Swimmers! I am happy to help.

Shawn Fugere, Honolulu Lifeguard for Hire and Swim Instructor


Siuoneh, National Lifeguard for Hire Manager

Glendale, 5 years experience!

I have worked for City of Glendale and Los Angeles County as a lifeguard and I am currently working for city of Pasadena as a senior lifeguard. something interesting about me is that although I am a very good swimmer and a lifeguard, I am actually scared of the ocean, maybe for the fact that I do not know whats under the water since I can not see it . I am also fluent in Armenian and Farsi

Areas I commonly serve: Los Angeles, pasadena, Encino, Studio City

Stace, Honolulu Lifeguard for Hire

Hickam Field

Hello, my name is Stace and I have been working as a lifeguard for about one summer now. Aside from lifeguarding, I also work as a Summer Fun/After School Care leader for grade and middle school age children. The thing I love the most about being a lifeguard is meeting new people and having them feel safe and comfortable in the water. I also just enjoy the ambiance and flow of the pool deck. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, which is where my love for the water has come from. In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach, creating different types of art, playing volleyball, and hiking.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Honolulu, Central Oahu, Windward Coast, West Oahu, among others. 

Stephen, Private Swim Instructor & Lifeguard for Hire, New Dad and Sailor.


I have 7 Years of Instruction Experience, including Junior Lifeguards, High School Swim Teams, and Beach Camps.

And I have 14 Years of Ocean Lifeguarding Experience, including beach, triathlons, paddling, and big wave events.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Honolulu proper, Kakaako, Manoa, Waikiki, among others. 

Wendi, Lifeguard for Hire and Swim Instructor

Honolulu 18 years experience lifeguarding!

10 years swim instructor experience.  I began swim instructing while working at summer camp working with young kids up through adults attending camps for the blind. Whether they’re a first time swimmer or an advanced swimmer, I love to see people become more comfortable in the water, challenge themselves to improve their skills, and enjoy the freedom and feel of the water.

18 years lifeguarding experience.  My lifeguarding career started with summer camp waterfront. Not much can beat helping people of all ages and capabilities safely enjoy the lake activities for the summer. Camp provided a wide range of lifeguard leadership from water ski shows and group water games, to canoeing rivers and kayaking to islands, and to blobs and rope swings. As a result, I lifeguard preventatively so that people can continue to enjoy the activities to the fullest.  Waterfront Lifeguarding and Scuba certified.

Areas served: Oahu Island, Ewa Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii Kai, North Shore

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