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Houston Private Lifeguard Service for Children’s Pool Parties and Corporate Events

Happy Swimmers started private lifeguard service to families in 1991 in Los Angeles, with 22 clients. In 1993 we began serving Phoenix, and later San Jose, CA. In 2009 we opened in Austin, and in 2011 Houston! We are the largest private party lifeguard service serving the Houston Metro area.

Our staff lifeguards are Red Cross certified in Lifegaurding, CPR and First Aid. They are experienced, many from high volume city programs and waterparks, where they know how to spot an emergency before it becomes one, and keep things low key and happy. Our staff is insured, whereas moonlighting lifeguards aren’t. We take our business seriously, so you and your guests can enjoy the party.

Price for up to 3 hours is $189 $179 per lifeguard.  Over 3 hours add $25/half hour per lifeguard.  Feel free to keep the guards over your original booking pending their schedule.  Our office will bill you.  The booking form on the next page will easily calculate your cost based on your party length and amount of lifeguards.  We’re a cheap alternative to an accident.  Just recently, one of our guards made 4 rescues to children at a busy pool party.  Think their parents thought he was worth it?

Do we serve your area? If you’re in the Houston Metro area, it will be our pleasure to serve you. Book early, however, as prime dates fill rather quickly!


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Our Lifeguard Service Staff Members in Houston

Benjamin Alexander

Benjamin Alexander, Lifeguard

Houston; 4 years experience

My name is Ben Alexander and I’ve been lifeguarding since I was 15 years old. Keeping kids as safe as possible while still allowing room for kids to explore and be creative with their games and conversations is how I prefer to guard. It makes things easy going on everyone, and let’s parents relax during a party. No worries makes for a great party.

Brandon, Lifeguard and Private Swim Instructor


My swim instructing background goes back to my swimming days, where I trained for 10 years perfecting my strokes and technique. I taught swim lessons for a spring in High school, and thoroughly enjoyed it. My specialties include freestyle and backstroke technique, as well as basic techniques for young children. Fun fact about me: I’ve swam with sea turtles in Hawaii!

I have been lifeguarding for about a year now. My intention for guarding is to help create an environment that is the most fun, and safe, it can possibly be. My favorite part of lifeguarding would have to be seeing how much fun everyone is having in the pool on a hot summer day! Fun fact about myself: I swam for 10 years of my life, and hold a record in the 200 freestyle relay at my high school!

I serve the Houston communities of Sugar Land, Katy/Cinco Ranch, Pearland, and Bellaire, among others

C.J., Lifeguard for Hire


Hi, I’m CJ and I am a junior at Texas Tech University studying Energy Commerce. I have 1 summer’s worth of previous lifeguard experience working at Camp Ozark in Mt.Ida, Arkansas. I enjoy guarding because I love being outdoors and spending time on the water. In my free time I play lacrosse and basketball.

Home turf areas: Kingwood, The Woodlands, Downtown, Heights area

Carter Lee, Lifeguard for Hire


I have been lifeguarding since the summer of 2016, and I have fell in love with the job. I love being around the water, no matter where I’m at! I have a passion for watersports such as surfing, wakeboarding, and fishing. When I am guarding, my #1 priority is safety no matter what. I intend to keep everyone safe and prevent accidents, while still promoting a fun environment! Lifeguarding has also helped me realized my love for helping people and being around kids! When lifeguarding I promise to protect patrons and do everything in my power to keep people safe.

I serve the Houston communities of Cypress and Katy, among others

Courageous Cristian, Lifeguard for Hire


I’ve enjoyed swimming long distances for a few years now, so I then figured, “why not use my skills to help others?” Shortly after, I decided to become a lifeguard! I’ve passed the certification course twice and have had experience guarding adults, children, and infants both at outdoor leisure pools and an indoor natatorium. I’ve even assisted non-swimmers at the beach! I swim a few kilometers a week and attend monthly lifeguard training. Needless to say, pool party hosts can rest easy while I make sure that everyone is safe while having lots of fun!

I serve the Houston communities of Spring, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Pearland, and Conroe, among others.

Frank Ngueyn, Lifeguard for Hire


Hi! I’m Frank Nguyen i’m a private event lifeguard while I am recently certified in lifeguarding I can assure you that I am able with 11 years of competitive swimming background. At private events, I hope to keep the occupants of the pool safe without compromising any fun activities. The best thing about private lifeguarding events would probably have to be being able to get to know the party attendees and interact with them on a fun, but professional manner. I look forward to working with you!

Fun fact: I’m about to get licensed to scuba dive in August!

I serve the Houston area communities of Sugarland, Katy, Memorial, River Oaks, among others. 

Gaby Perez

Gaby Perez, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Houston, 5 years experience

5 years experience lifeguarding!

Hi, I’m Gaby!
I have been lifeguarding since I was 15. I started off working for American Red Cross as a lifeguard and then got certified as a swim instructor and started teaching. I enjoy working with kids because they always put a smile on your face 🙂

Garrison Taska, Lifeguard

Hello, my name is Garrison Taska! I have been a lifeguard for almost 2 years now, and it is the best decision I have ever made. I love watching kids and adults get to kick back and swim while I get to keep them safe. I love being outdoors and this makes lifeguarding great for me. I also like to learn about different areas of Houston so driving and working different parties really amuses me. One fact about me is that I will be going to play college baseball next year at San Jacinto CC. I’m looking forward to a great summer with Happy Swimmers!

I will serve the greater Houston area.

Glori Ried *has pool access, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard

West Houston, 15 years experience!

15 years swim lesson teaching experience! Go Glori!

Some of the communities I serve:Houston, Bellaire, Katy, Sugar Land

Hi, my name is Glori. I started swimming before I could walk and fell in love with the water. I began swimming competitively at age 6 and did that through high school. I have also life guarded and taught swim lessons for 15 years. I love teaching others to swim and hope to share that love of the water with others. I also teach preschool during the week. I have taught kids and adults and individuals with special needs. I love swimming and want everyone to have a great experience in the water. My picture was taken in the Mediterranean sea a few years back.

Hannah Tadlock, Lifeguard

Hector Perez, Lifeguard

Jerahn Thomas

George Bush Intercontinental area

I have been a lifeguard for about 2 years now. My first lifeguard position was a community center where we averaged 20-30 children and teens a day. My most recent employer was Savannah State University, the college I attend now. I have been a lifeguard with my college for about a year and a half where we average 15-25 students daily. What I have come to love about lifeguarding is the numerous different personalities of people I get to interact with on a daily basis and build a relationship with. I enjoy the attentiveness I have to keep in order to be a lifeguard, this job keeps me alert and focused on the task at hand to make sure every patron is safe under my supervision. Don’t hesitate to book me 🙂

Common areas I serve: Houston, Humble, Spring, Jersey Village

Kianda, Lifeguard for Hire


I‘ve lifeguarded full-time for a year and now two summers. My intention is to ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone! 😊 I also babysit and tutor kids. I love kids and being around them and ensuring their safety and happiness.

I serve the Houston communities of Houston, pearland, spring, cypress, Missouri, among others. 

Lauren Sands, office assistant

Maritza Garcia, Lifeguard

Maureen Burch, Lifeguard

Meg Stolt, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, LGI


30+ years of swim lesson teaching experience and lifeguard experience. 10 years of Lifeguard Instructing.

Serving the communities of the Greater Houston Area.

Swim Instructor role:I have been teaching and coaching swimming for over 30 years to children of all ages, in a variety of settings and environments. I also currently work with triathletes in improving swim technique for open water. I thoroughly enjoy the excitement a child (regardless of the age), when a goal is achieved. I can share many stories about swimming and teaching, but nothing is more satisfying when a child has a big smile and is thrilled to see you because they enjoy the swim time. When teaching swim lessons, I am thrilled to see the self-confidence of each child building as they progress.

Event Lifeguard role: I am now entering my 35th season as a LG. Each year brings many rewards. It is joy to see kids having fun at their parties and playing in the pool. I am present to keep everyone safe. 

Additional certifications in: Lifeguard Open Water Certified — lake/ocean, WaterPark Certified, O2 Certified,

Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) and CPR Instructor roles: My goal in training lifeguards is to instill the understanding that we are there to protect and serve. It is our job to prevent injuries before they occur and respond rapidly when an incident does happen. I teach the skills and practice the skills, so the participant can successfully meet the requirements to become a lifeguard. I train both pool and waterfront guards.

I have been teaching CPR for over 20 years. It is interesting to see how the various certifying agencies have become more stream-lined in their presentation of this lifesaving skill, creating an environment of being able to work together. It is rewarding when a participant reaches out to share how they were able to help someone because of the class.

Molly Barnby, College Station Lifeguard for Hire

College Station

Last summer I lifeguarded at a summer camp, spending my afternoons watching kids splash in the river and my nights applying aloe vera. Lifeguarding to me is all about making sure the most fun is possibly had by my swimmers while still staying safe. Lifeguarding isn’t about ruining fun or being a buzzkill, it’s about making sure everyone has the best possible time in a safe environment!

Nam Nguyen, Private Swim Instructor & Lifeguard


I have been teaching swim lessons for about 4 summers. I specialize in freestyle and breaststroke. Swimming is a sport that I love to do, and teaching it to others allows me to spread my knowledge and experience. I have also been swimming competitively for over 13 years.

I have been lifeguarding for the past 5 summers and also at the University of Houston this past school year. I lifeguard because it gives me the chance to prevent water-related accidents and promote water safety. I have continued to lifeguard through all these years because of the people I have met on the job.

I serve the Houston communities of Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Greatwood, among others. 

Nate Hollar, Houston Lifeguard for Hire–full bio coming shortly

Sugar Land

I have been a lifeguard for 5 years

Nate, Lifeguard for Hire


I’ve maintained my Lifeguard certifications for over 3 years now. While I do love the flexible hours of lifeguarding, making sure everyone is safe is priority. A somewhat interesting thing or or two about me is that I can sing pretty well and the tallest in my family.

I serve the Houston communities of Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, and Sienna Plantation, among others. 

Oscar E. Fumero Gonzalez, Lifeguard for Hire


I have 2 years lifeguard experience.

I started lifeguarding because I enjoy taking care of others and socializing. I have found this to job to have been one that I keep coming back to because I enjoy meeting new people and providing a safe environment for everyone. The most rewarding part of this job is knowing that I made a positive impact on a kids life and them telling me that when they grow up they wanna be just like me and that they wanna be a lifeguard too. Fun facts about me, I did martial arts for 5 years, I’m currently ranked 57th in the nation for weightlifting, I’m a DJ, and I’m a personal trainer.

I serve the Houston communities of Katy and Sugarland, among others.  And during school season Austin and San Antonio.

Regional Lifeguard Manager Christine Sanders

Clear Lake, Houston, TX

Regional Manager of Event Lifeguards. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything lifeguard for hire related once you’ve made your online booking. For booking questions or suggestions, use the contact form for our owner, Jenn, for any assistance leading up to your online booking. Have a happy and safe party!Christine Sanders

A little bit about Christine: After working as an LAPD scientific investigator for 11 years I transitioned to completing my M.S. degree in Chemistry then followed a teaching and research path in university academics for several years. I then moved to Hawaii in 2008 where I first joined the JTA CPR/ Happy Swimmers team as a CPR/First Aid instructor. During these years I had always made a priority in volunteerism being active in the National Ski Patrol and the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Today I reside in Houston and presently support Help America Today turning elementary aged kids into the volunteers of tomorrow through grassroots community service projects. My passion for teaching and making a positive impact on our society is why I love teaching CPR and First Aid, particularly for those never certified. I am proud to now expand into the administrative staff of the company and be a part of turning children into happy swimmers.

Sharon Carlson, Spring, TX Event Lifeguard and Lifeguard Instructor


Sydney Campbell, Private Swim Instructor and Lifeguard

College Station and Houston

I’ve been a competitive swimmer since I was 5 years old, so naturally I became a lifeguard for the past 6 years and swim instructor for the past 2 years, to pass on my joy of swimming to others. I specialize in freestyle and backstroke first and then if conditions allow, I also can teach breaststroke and butterfly. Growing up on swim team I learned many drills to perfect my strokes. I enjoy revealing my knowledge to other swimmers to help them get the right quality stroke they desire. My favorite part about swim instructing is watching my students become comfortable and independent in the water. Everyone should get the chance to learn to swim!

Creating a fun and safe environment in and around the pool is my goal. A swimmer with a smile is my heart’s fulfillment. Fun fact about me: I’ve swam in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

I serve the College Station & Houston communities & Bryan, among others

Trevor Mansour, Lifeguard for Hire


Hello, I’m Trevor and I have been Lifeguarding for over 1 year. I pride myself on having a positive outlook on life, high academic standards, and an outgoing personality. I strive to always be aware of my surroundings to keep everyone as safe as possible. I enjoy being a lifeguard because I enjoy working with people and swimming. I am a twin and my brother and I both played college basketball.

I serve the Houston communities of Sugar Land, Katy, Bel Air, Missouri City, among others

Vanessa, Lifeguard for Hire


I have been working as a lifeguard for three years now through a number of organizations that have provided me with adequate experience. When I guard, I think of it as having everyone’s lives that is in the pool in my hands. I take my job very seriously and go to work knowing that I am making a difference- whether it be making the children feel and be safe or even giving parents peace of mind and to know that they can trust me with their beloved ones. What I love most about lifeguarding events is the new environment. There will always be a new view to look forward to and it excites me very much. A fun fact about me is that I am a pisces! I was born to love water!

I serve the Houston communities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Spring, Cypress, among others

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