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Happy Swimmers private lifeguard service began in 1991 in Los Angeles, and over the 20+ years, we’ve expanded to many Southwest cities, only able to do so because of our solid reputation in each area we serve. Our aim is to be your hired professional eyes for your party, truly preventing many of the drowning and near drowning accidents we’ve all witnessed in the news. In 2009 we opened in Austin and Houston, 2011 in Dallas and now San Antonio! We are the largest private event lifeguard service in the country and dare I then say, the largest in Texas!


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Our Lifeguard Service Staff Members in San Antonio

Alexandria Garcia, Lifeguard

San Antonio, TX

Christopher Roper

North San Antonio

I worked countless hours lifeguarding last year and love being outside keeping those around me safe. I swam on my summer league swim team for nine years. My hobbies include playing volleyball with friends, practicing my cello and playing football for my school, Churchill High School in San Antonio.

General areas I serve: San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Boerne, and Austin metro

Christopher, Lifeguard for Hire

San Antonio

This will be my 3rd year summer working as a lifeguard. I enjoy having a job that allows me to keep people safe while helping them to have fun at the same time, and I love meeting new people!

Serving areas like Austin, San Marcos, Boerne

John-Carlo Jimenez, Lifeguard

San Antonio, TX

Lindsay Kendall, Lifeguard for Austin and San Antonio


Hi there! My name is Lindsay Kendall and I have been a lifeguard with Happy Swimmers for five years now. I grew up in Austin but I attend the University of Alabama during the school year. During the summer months, I love to return to Austin and enjoy my beautiful city. I truly enjoy getting to travel around the Austin area meeting new people and protecting the safety of swimmers of all ages. While most pool parties are a breeze, each summer I encounter at least one distressed swimmer that needs my assistance. Growing up with a pool in my backyard, pool parties have been a part of my life since I was a young child. As a party host, you should be able to focus on the satisfaction of your guests and should not be concerned with whether the swimmers in your pool are safe. As a lifeguard is it my job to ensure the safety of all of your swimmers and guests so that you can enjoy your party and the time with you friends.

Areas I commonly serve: Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock

Matt Ross, Lifeguard

Boerne, TX

Mauricio Gonzalez, Lifeguard

San Antonio, TX

Mauricio, Lifeguard

Greater San Antonio, 4 years experience!

4 years experience.  General areas I can serve: San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, College Station

I have been a lifeguard for over 4 years now. It seemed like the best job for me to do since I have been around the water ever since I was a little boy. I love going to these lifeguard events and seeing all the kids having a great time because it reminds me of when I was young and would go to the pool all the time. I love being the ‘cool’ lifeguard that kids can play with but at the same time I always make sure kids are being safe and everything is under control.

Regional Lifeguard Manager Christine Sanders

Regional Manager of Event Lifeguards. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything lifeguard for hire related once you’ve made your online booking. For booking questions or suggestions, use the contact form for our owner, Jenn, for any assistance leading up to your online booking. Have a happy and safe party!Christine Sanders

A little bit about Christine: After working as an LAPD scientific investigator for 11 years I transitioned to completing my M.S. degree in Chemistry then followed a teaching and research path in university academics for several years. I then moved to Hawaii in 2008 where I first joined the JTA CPR/ Happy Swimmers team as a CPR/First Aid instructor. During these years I had always made a priority in volunteerism being active in the National Ski Patrol and the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Today I reside in Houston and presently support Help America Today turning elementary aged kids into the volunteers of tomorrow through grassroots community service projects. My passion for teaching and making a positive impact on our society is why I love teaching CPR and First Aid, particularly for those never certified. I am proud to now expand into the administrative staff of the company and be a part of turning children into happy swimmers.

Teresa Harkins, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard

San Antonio

General Areas I serve: San Antonio, Cibilo, Shertz, New Braunfels

I became a lifeguard in 2013 and have loved it ever since! For two years (2013-2014) I worked as a lifeguard in the Summer and late Fall at Oakwell Farms neighborhood pool. Last summer (2015) I worked briefly as a lifeguard at Inwood Hallow neighborhood pool as a sub, and then moved onto a full time job at Fort Sam Houston Outdoor Aquatic Center. Towards the end of the summer last year, I was a lifeguard for kids’ birthday parties. My intention for lifeguarding this summer is to provide safety, protection, and a positive attitude for the people I will be serving. I love meeting and interacting with new people, which is my favorite thing about lifeguarding private events.

I have been teaching swim lessons for roughly a year now under Fort Sam Houston outdoor aquatic center. Last summer I had 17 swim students ranging from the ages of 3-7 and one 12 year old. I love teaching swim lessons because it is a unique opportunity to grow closer to kids of all ages in a fun and educational environment. I love kids, I have had the pleasure of babysitting my nieces & nephews as well as neighbors kids over the past 5 years. Lastly, I have a very flexible schedule and a friendly, nurturing, and patient personality.

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