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Happy Swimmers offers at-home swim lessons from a private swimming instructor throughout the Orlando and Kissimmee metropolitan areas. Our Orlando swimming instructors mainly serve Orange County and Osceola County and their respective communities.

Our private swimming instructors are experienced swimmers who have spent most of their lives in and around the water. They work with swimmers of all ages and all experience levels, from those who swim on club teams to those who have never been in the water before. They understand that each swimmer develops and progresses at his or her own pace and that trust in the water is built over time and cannot be rushed. They will provide focused, individualized attention and make sure that the swimmer is comfortable in the water and comfortable with the lesson before proceeding to a more advanced lesson. Above all, our Orlando swimming instructors will ensure high levels of comfort and trust in the water at all times.

Our general swimming service area for Orlando and Kissimmee is defined by St. Cloud to the south, Apopka to the north, Lake Buena Vista to the west, and Route 417 to the east. Please contact us to learn more about our Orlando location swimming lessons.


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Our Swim Instructor Staff Members in Orlando

Amanda | Private Swim Instructor | Florida

Amanda, Private Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, LGI, CPR Instructor

Florida and all of US

Lifeguard/ Lifeguard instructor bio:

Over 20 years experience teaching, lifeguarding, coaching and training in the Aquatics field. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should know. I have traveled abroad to help build programming in other countries and find it rewarding when participants finally grasp the skills and concept of swimming.

Lifeguarding is about prevention and when something happens being able to react quickly and correctly. Safety is key to happy events!

CPR is a lifesaving skills that should be taught to everyone. You are more likely to use it on someone you know than on a stranger!

I serve all over the United States including, Tampa, Orlando, Anywhere really.


CPR is a lifesaving skill that should be taught to everyone. You are more likely to use it on someone you know than on a stranger! I have been teaching CPR to all levels for more than 20 years and have kept my certification current since I was a freshman in high school. I have taught both Red Cross and American Heart CPR/First Aid classes and enjoy working with the community and professionals to obtain and keep their certifications. By using the skills you learn in a CPR/First Aid class you too can help save lives!

Diana Carvel, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor


3 years lifeguarding and swim teaching experience.  Diana serves communities including Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Kissimmee

I have been swimming practically my entire life. With a lifetime of swimming experience and involvement in teaching nearly all levels of swimmers, from children to adults, I have acquired the skills to ensure everyone has fun in a safe water environment. When it comes to lifeguarding, I constantly have the goal in mind of valuing the lives of every swimmer in front of me as if it were my own. I know I am providing a great service and that is what will drive me to always keep my skills “test-ready” and alert for any possible emergency. I like to be firm but kind while guarding a scene.

Grace | Private Swim Instructor | Florida


Wesley Chapel, FL

I Love caring for kids and being a Lifeguard.  I have been a babysitting for 5 years and been CPR certified for 2 years.I feel that being a lifeguard is so rewarding and making sure your kids are safe is my number one priority.  A fun fact about me is that I am on the swim team and cross country team at my school. Also I am the USAT triathlete and completed a 1/3 ironman.~~Way to go Grace 🙂  owner Jenn

I can serve areas surrounding: Orlando,Tampa,Clearwater,Boca Raton,Miami

Kimberly Lytle

Kimberly Lytle, Lifeguard, LGI Trainer

Kissimmee, FL, 30+ years lifeguard experience!

I have been a lifeguard since I was 15 years of age. I have always lifeguarded, taught swim lessons, CPR/AED and first aid. In addition to be an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, I am also a NASCO instructor trainer and serve on the faculty each year at their national aquatic school. I am a middle school teacher and was teacher of the year last year and one of the top ten teachers in my district. I swim open water events with my longest swim being 12.5 miles.  (you go girl!)

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