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Happy Swimmers started teaching at-home swim lessons and private lifeguarding events around our nations’ capitol in 2010.

With public and private pools in nearly every neighborhood, swimming is one of the most popular activities throughout the D.C. metro region. Numerous facilities have accommodated thousands of patrons – from infants receiving water safety instruction to competitive swimmers that have become Olympic gold medalists.

This popularity has led to a large demand for lifeguards and private swimming instructors. Lifeguards typically find themselves making frequent rescues at public facilities and beaches; while many community aquatic programs offer swim lessons to those individuals hoping just to improve upon their stroke or to join in on the competition.

Outdoor and indoor pools ensure that the fun, local swimming culture continues year-round and Happy Swimmers staff can be there for you, either at your own pool, or with permission, teaching your DC resident child at a DC public pool, as you’re guessing,for our program you need your own home pool, or access to a pool where you can learn how to swim. A friend or community association pool also is fine. We carry insurance for any pool we use.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you our specialinstruction technique based on kind, child-centered teaching, and show you what it really means to be a Happy Swimmer, as taught through trust, and fun.

Do we serve your area? If you’re in the Washington DC suburbs in Maryland or Northern Virginia, the answer is almost always yes. Take a look at the map below of where our staff live. That’s a good general indicator or the areas we cover. Last year Happy Swimmers was asked to be the trainer for the staff of The House of Representatives Health Club and Pool, certifying them in Lifeguarding for members of Congress.

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Swim Lesson Tip:

Swim Goggles for kids aged 3 year olds and up are very helpful during lessons and can make the difference between an enjoyable lesson and a miserable one. If your eyes are stinging and burning you are much more likely to have trouble learning and retaining the information.
We encourage parents in the Washington DC area to get quality goggles from a reputable swim store. A decent, quality pair of goggles can be very useful in any of the stages of learning swimming. We want you to be a happy swimmer, and not fighting chlorine with burning eyes all day.


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Washington DC Swim Lessons Staff

Abigail Muro, Lifeguard for Hire, Swim Instructor

Chevy Chase, MD

Anna Talarico, Private Swim Instructor & Lifeguard

Washington DC

Four years, of my many years of working as a lifeguard, I have taught swimming to a range of ages; all the way from young children to middle-aged adults. I enjoy these lessons because it is important that people can swim to enjoy the water safely. If the person feels comfortable, the more fun they’ll have!

At 18 years old, I took my first lifeguarding class, 8 years ago. I spent the entire summer working as a lifeguard and enjoying the job immensely. Since then, I have been working summers, and periodically in the other seasons. I have been working as a lifeguard for over 8 years for various companies and locations. A major role in lifeguarding isn’t only keeping the facility safe and attentiveness, but also customer service. People should be happy and feel welcome at their pool!

I serve the DC communities of Bethesda, Silver Spring, Arlington, Rockville, among others. 

Bethany Morris, DC Swim Instructor and Lifeguard

Centreville, VA

I have been a swim instructor for 5 years.

As a public school educator and lifeguard, I have a natural affinity for water safety and teaching others how to swim. My teaching style focuses on positive reinforcement, confidence building and creating lasting relationships with my students and their parents. There is nothing like a student who cannot stop beaming when they get their first back float or stroke. Nothing compares. In addition to teaching, I also like to be a lifelong learner myself. My new quest is white water kayaking. Those water safety skills I promote are certainly put to the test when I’m out on the Potomac!

I have been a lifeguard for 15+ years!

Over the years, I have guarded many public pools servicing 1,000+ patrons a day, private pool parties for families and corporations, and privately owned community aquatic facilities. I value safety so much and promote it by building relationships and educating other. When I’m not in the chair lifeguarding, I’m finding ways to be near the water anyway I can. Currently, I’m learning to whitewater kayak and on any given weekend I’m usually seeking a good hike with waterfalls and waterholes.

I serve the DC metro communities of DMV, Vienna, Chantilly, Centreville, among others.

Bradley Blecker | Swim Instructor | NYC

Bradley Blecker, Lifegaurd, Swim Instructor

Spring: Washington DC, Summer: NW New Jersey; 5 years experience.

5 years experience! Washington D.C., towns/cities in Northwest New Jersey

I am a political science major at American University in Washington D.C. with physics minor. I have eleven years of swimming experience, three years of swim instructing/coaching, and five years of lifeguarding, both for a community pool and private lifeguarding events. I am certified in CPR. AED, and first aid.

Chelsea Andrews, LGI, Swim Instructor

DC metro, lives in Hyattsville, MD, 9 years experience!

9 years experience teaching swimming!

General areas served:Washington DC, Maryland

I have been teaching swim lessons for about nine years. I truly love teaching lessons! I was awarded a full swimming scholarship to Howard University so swimming definitely holds a strong place in my heart for various reasons. This is emulated through the way that I teach. I don’t just like swimming, I love swimming. I have a passion for swimming. You always get the great work from someone who doesn’t consider their job a job, but rather something they love, a passion- this is how I feel about swimming. So let’s get our swim on!

I started life guarding around 15 or 16 years old. Since I was already at the pool all the time (since I was on the swim team), I figured this cert would be extremely resourceful. I would work in between swim practices! I love being a life guard and take pride in being responsible for lives! I intend to make everyone feel safe at all times. Don’t worry, if I’m around, you have the SAFEST environment ever! And we all want to be safe right?!

(Don’t you love Chelsea’s passion? We do 🙂

Advanced certifications:CPO cert, AFO cert, Ellis LGI cert

Chelsea Jeskie, Private Swim Instructor

Washington DC

Hi! I have been teaching swim lessons for 6 years and I have experience in swim competition, enough so that I believe I have mastered the sport. I have taught in a corporate gym as well as for a local school board. I have experience teaching all levels; from babies as young as 5-6 months to adults. The most fulfilling thing as a instructor is to see my students gain confidence in the water and see improvements in their techniques. I really enjoy imparting my knowledge of swimming onto all of my students and I strive to create a comfortable and safe swim environment for my students while at the same time making sure they enjoy every moment of their lesson.

I serve the DC metro communities of Alexandria and Arlington, among others. 

Evan Bailey, Private Swim Instructor

Washington DC

Hello, my name is Evan and I am a proud member of the Happy Swimmers Staff. I have almost a decade of teaching swim lessons under my belt to all different ages of kids. I really enjoy working with children, watching them learn and have fun in different activities really makes my soul better. I enjoy watching children progress. I like seeing a child who is first starting out being afraid of the water get better and better. I really hope to work with you in the future.

I serve the Washington DC metro communities of Silver Spring, DC, Rockville, Bethesda, among others

Michael Jiang, Private Swim Instruction and Lifeguard

Washington DC

I have been teaching people of all ages how to swim for 5 years since I was 15. I love giving people the knowledge to swim proficiently as swimming is my favorite sport!

My intention in guarding is making sure all patrons are safe in the water. I enjoy lifeguarding because I love swimming and I enjoy making sure patrons can have a fun safe time in the pool!

I serve the Washington DC communities of Vienna, McLean, Washington D.C., Lorton, among others. 

Norca Calderin, Swim Instructor

Washington DC

Regional Swim Instructor Manager Bettina Perkins

Based in Austin, TX

I’m your Region’s Manager of Swim Instructors. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything swim instructor related once swim lessons have begun with your instructor.

A little more about me… I’ve been actively teaching swim lessons for six years and enjoy this more than any other profession I’ve ever been involved in. There is nothing better than doing what you love for a living and being able to teach and share it with others. I get to teach a child; learn life long skills that last a life time, as well as safety and the joy of the water. I’m always amazed at how students learn so much in a short period of time. It is also fun to watch them “Strut Their Stuff” when they become confident at what they have learned. I started swimming at age 3 and have never enjoyed anything more than the water. I have been a competitive swimmer, PADI diver and Coast Guard Auxiliary member for many years. Welcome to Happy Swimmers! I am happy to help.

Shannon, Private Swim Instructor, Lifeguard for Hire, Part-time surfer, Full-Time shark bait

Huntley Meadows Park

Hi, my name is Shannon and I’ve been teaching swim lessons for 5 years with ages six months to sixty! I’ve also worked with children for 3 years as a tutor and child care provider. I graduated from Hood College with a swim scholarship and earned a degree in Global Studies. I love teaching swimming because I love helping to teach kids to enjoy the water and water safety. I also specialize in new swimmers and swim team training.

I have been lifeguarding for 5 years and have had the honor of saving 7 lives. I have worked for large hotel environments on the Las Vegas Strip as well as small, fun children parties. What I enjoy most about lifeguarding is being able to watch others have fun and knowing that they will be safe.

I serve the Washington DC communities of Alexandria, Arlington, Washington DC proper, among others!

Will, Lifeguard and Private Swim Instructor

I have 4 years swim instruction experience and 5 years lifeguarding experience.

Over the past four years I have had a lot of experience with teaching lessons. When I first started, I worked as an assistant instructor for several programs with children ranging from ages 3 to 15 with a variety of skill levels. After moving to Washington, DC, I began working at the American University aquatic center where I was eventually promoted to Head Lifeguard of Swim Instructors. In this position, I helped to manage and teach the swim lessons run through AU Recreation and Fitness. The most rewarding part of teaching swim lessons would have to be watching the improvement and excitement of the student grow. My passion is to see a world where everyone can feel safe and have fun in the water!

I started lifeguarding at my community pool the summer before my junior year of high school. Five years have passed and I have worked at a variety of pools and events for communities, families, and high profile clients too. I lifeguard because aquatic safety is a passion of mine and I want to make sure that everyone can have a safe and exciting time at the pool!

I serve the DC metro areas of Washington and Bethesda, among others.

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