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"We see the emergency before anyone else knows it's an emergency."

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Perth and Suburbs Lifeguard Hire by Happy Swimmers is pleased to serve our friends and neighbors in Perth. Our experienced lifeguards for hire want to keep your pool party guests safe and happy. We do this by providing the highest quality, most experienced, and liability-insured professional lifeguards in the country. You don’t have to waste another minute worrying about whether safety issues will interfere with your party. Contact our Australia lifeguard service today and gain the confidence of knowing your party guests will be watched, attended, and kept safe around the water.

Private and Corporate Events

Our lifeguards serve at a variety of functions. We have experience monitoring children’s pool parties (our specialty), wedding parties with pools, entertainment industry shoots, and corporate event parties. Happy Swimmers can accommodate any type of pool party. If it’s a small party needing just one lifeguard, we can do that. For larger parties, or pools needing more monitoring, we can provide multiple lifeguards. Contact us to learn about our rates and to book our lifeguard services in advance.

Best Service in the Industry

Happy Swimmers is proud to be the best Perth and suburbs lifeguard for hire service. We provide an incredible staff for all of your pool entertaining needs. All staff includes nationally certified lifeguards with an average experience of 5 years, many at high volume locations. These are real pros and not just your charming but inexperienced high school lifeguards. Our professional lifeguards love what they do and take great pride in providing valuable, life-saving services.

Wherever there is a pool involved in Perth, the nearby suburban area, and several other large Aussie cities, we have staff ready to help you maintain a safe and fun environment.

Current Deals

We’re now offering a Special Grand Opening Price for up to 3 hours of lifeguard service for $224. If you need a lifeguard for over 3 hours: add $37/half hour per lifeguard. If you don’t know your exact hourly need now, don’t worry. Feel free to keep the guards over your original booking pending their schedule and our office will send you a balance due which can be paid by credit card, like your deposit. The booking form on the next page will calculate your cost based on your party length and number of lifeguards.

Remember, we’re much more affordable than an accident.

Just recently, one of our guards rescued 2 children at a busy pool party. Their parents thanked us for being there. We love keeping the kids (and adults) safe so you can enjoy your party. We’re thrilled to be Happy Swimmers with you!


Lifeguards’ Tip to parents:  It is better to have one set of dedicated eyes watching a pool, than several people half-watching, half-socializing.  Toddler’s down the steps in the shallow end are one of our common sightings, and before you know it, they go under the water and can’t call out for help.  Hire a lifeguard.  It’s a smart choice.

Our Private Lifeguard for Hire Staff Members in Perth

Angus Sinclair, Lifeguard for Hire


I have 3 years of Lifeguarding experience and have performed multiple rescues during that time. I am new to private events but feel as if I have plenty of experience from previous centres to know how to work and communicate well with children. In my experience as a lifeguard, I have always found it fun to actively engage with patrons whilst also ensuring their safety in the water and so I will take it up myself to not only ensure your child’s safety but to also make sure that they’re having a fun time in the water.

Helpful Harry, Lifeguard

Perth Metro

I have previous lifeguard experience at Claremont Pool and the local surf club and safety is my priority. I pride myself on professionalism and precision and aim to bring an enjoyable experience to clients. I’m young and energetic and have lots of experience working with children and aquatic sports. I grew up in rural WA and used to swim in dams and quarries but now much prefer the beaches of Perth.

Jenn Tyler, President of the Company, LGI, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Company owner with 30 years lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, and swim teaching experience

Living on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i most of the year, and traveling to Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Houston regularly to lead Lifeguard Courses and CPR training, Jenn has been the director of Happy Swimmers for over 28 years. It is a passion to assist in the empowerment of children learning how to swim in a medium once considered a fearful, uncertain place, magically turned into a supportive, fun environment to be explored with friends. The same goes for lifeguarding and training new lifeguards–there is no greater inner joy either in saving someone’s life as a lifeguard, or teaching others how to perform lifesaving skills. It is an honor for me to watch my students grow–where once there was doubt or panic, now there is strength and confidence.

Thank you for looking to become a Happy Swimmer!

–Jenn Tyler, owner, and founder

Mitch, Lifegaurd

Perth Metro

I’ve been involved with Surf Life Saving for over 10 years and have volunteered as a lifesaver for over 5 years. After completing High School I obtained my Lifeguarding qualification and have continued to serve as a lifeguard at my local pool for just over 2 years. Lifeguarding/lifesaving to me is crucial for the prevention of drownings and other related injuries/deaths in Australia and world wide. To be in the position that enables me to make a difference to the community means a great deal. Prevention is key, especially in Australia given that we’re surrounded by water! I strive to always be professional on the job but also to make sure I have some fun!

I serve the Perth Metro communities of Floreat, City Beach, Scarborough, Trigg, and Wembley, among others.

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