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Lifeguard Service

Mobile to the Greater Boston Area and Cape Cod Providing Private Event Lifeguard for Hire Service

It’s smart to hire a lifeguard for a party, whether a backyard kids pool party, barbecue, or corporate event and we’re the company to serve you. Here’s a little about us:

Happy Swimmers private lifeguard service began in 1991 in Los Angeles, and over the years, we’ve expanded to many metro areas nationwide, in the aim of truly preventing many of the drownings and near-drowning accidents we’ve read about in the news. This is our inaguaral year in the land of Patriots, and we hope to do you proud. After 25 years and countless lives saved we believe we’re a smart choice to keep your party safe and fun at the same time.

Price for up to 3 hours is $199 for the first lifeguard.  Need additional lifeguards at the same party? They are at a $15 discount each for $184. Over 3 hours add $25/half hour per lifeguard.  Feel free to keep the guards over your original booking time pending their schedule.  Our office will bill you.  The booking form on the next page will easily calculate your cost based on your party length and amount of lifeguards.  We’re a cheap alternative to an accident.  Just recently, one guard made 4 rescues to children at a busy party.  Think their parents thought he was worth it?

Welcome to Happy Swimmers!

Jenn Tyler,

founder and owner

Boston Metro Lifeguards at Your Service

Aaliyah Malone, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Graphic Designer & Camper


Swim Instructor:

It is the best feeling starting with a beginner swimmer, then in some months they are able to swim on their own. I like to feel like I made a difference in someones life and I will never be forgotten. I have been teaching swim lessons just as long as I’ve been guarding, 7 years. I started with family then began working for the YMCA. I also coached a swim team for 2 years.
Fun Fact: I swam across the Boston Harbor


I grew up in the Greater Boston area, Dorchester to be specific. While my mother is petrified of the water, she made sure all her kids knew how to swim. Me being the youngest of 6, learned my swimming and guarding techniques from my siblings. At the age of 16 I began to lifeguard and I’ve been doing it since. There is a sense of comfort knowing I am in charge of peoples safety on the pool. I like to be able to prevent incidents from happening while everyone is still having fun.

Serving: Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Boston, East Boston


NYC metro :)

Hi, I’m Alexis and I am currently pursuing an Entrepreneurship major at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. During the summers, I reside in Maplewood, NJ. I have 16 years of swimming experience, and 5 years of lifeguarding experience. I have had a love for the water since I was a baby and just want to help people stay safe, and enjoy the water as much as I do at their events.

Areas commonly served : NYC, Saddle River, Hamptons, etc.

Brittany Woods, Greenwich Lifeguard for Hire

Cambridge MA & Greenwich CT

Hi I’m Brittany Woods and I’ve been lifeguarding for four years during the summer in the Town of Greenwich. I’ve also guarded at private parties and I enjoy lifeguarding and will continue to re-certify myself because of the joy I get from this job.

I’m the one in the blue suit in the picture. Sometimes guards get to be goofy too 🙂

I serve Boston MA, and Greenwich CT at different times of the year.

Dave, Lifeguard for Hire, Rainbow Engineer


I have been a lifeguard for 4 years.

I started guarding at the local YMCA. I was then hired at a summer scout camp where I served as Assistant Waterfront Director for two years before being promoted to the Waterfront Director. I love guarding because I can keep people safe while also interacting with them. My goal is to provide an enjoyable environment where people don’t need me to be there but want me there. One fun fact is that I coach varsity high school diving.

I serve the greater Boston area communities of Boston proper, Worcester, Plymouth, Foxboro, among others. 

Jason Lai, Lifeguard for Hire

Los Altos, CA; Boston, MA

I have 2 years lifeguarding experience.

This will be my 4th summer lifeguarding with Happy Swimmers. I love to guard because I know how important my job is to keep everyone in and around the pool safe. I also love meeting new people and playing with the swimmers. I got my certification as soon as I could four summers ago and have been lifeguarding every summer since. I played 4 years of water polo and swam competitively on my high school team.

I serve the SF Bay Area communities of Atherton, Menlo, Los Altos, Mountain View, among others.

I also serve the Boston area.

Jordan Paul, Lifeguard, painter and expert tree-climber


Hi! My name is Jordan, and I have been lifeguarding for 3 years, 2 of those years with Happy Swimmers! I enjoy lifeguarding because it keeps me active, and I love working with people of all ages and abilities. I have experience guarding for indoor and outdoor pools, and I’m committed to creating a safe and fun environment for everyone.

During the summer, I also work at an outdoor climbing and ropes course as a Trail Monitor, or as I like to call it, a Lifeguard in the Trees!

I look forward to working with you!

Serving: Plymouth, Weymouth, Brockton, Dedham

Louis Stein, Lifeguard, Fitness & Basketball Enthusiast


This will be my 4th summer lifeguarding. I’ve worked the past 3 summers in my home state of New Jersey for 2 different lifeguarding companies, doing primarily community pools in the Morris County area. I also have lifeguarded part-time at Shamrock Swim Club, an indoor pool facility in Milton, MA for the past 2 years while in college. My favorite part of lifeguarding events is alleviating some of the responsibility from parents and adults so that they can relax and enjoy the event.

Serving: Milton, Stoughton, Canton, Norwood

Maura, Lifeguard for Hire


Hi! I’m a lifeguard with over 3 years of lifeguarding experience and have been with Happy Swimmers for over 2 years. I’m going into my senior year of college studying Nursing and I simultaneously work as a Certified Nursing Assistant throughout summer.

I have worked at multiple pools in my area, guarding groups from college swim teams to pool parties with people of all ages, including young children and persons with disabilities. I also have a working proficiency in French and American Sign Language. I am looking forward to working with you and helping to keep your event safe and fun!

I serve the greater Boston community, including all of the South Shore and Cape Cod, and occasionally locations in Rhode Island.

Nicole, Lifeguard for Hire and Music Teacher


I’ve spent multiple summers working for the City of Manchester in New Hampshire.

I serve the Greater Boston communities of Lowell, Nashuia, Manchester, Chelmsford, among others. 

Roxann, Lifeguard for Hire, Fashionista, and Part-time diver


I’ve been guarding since 2012 and had a blasted doing it. I love seeing the joy on children’s faces while they enjoy a safe day in the sun.

Ryan, Lifeguard, Scuba, Ocean, Sharks…


I have been a lifeguard for three years. I was a guard at the Frog Pond in Boston and later at a very busy private club. I enjoyed working with all of the different families and kids. It is always great to see people having fun as they swim. My passion is studying the ocean and marine science. I am a certified Scuba Diver and love it!

Serving: Boston, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley and Surrounding Area

Stephanie, East Coast Lifeguard Assignment Manager and Pack of Jac’s mom

My background is in the legal profession working as a legal secretary for many years. I stopped working to raise two children who are now young adults. My daughter is a teacher in the Portland school district, and my son is an artist who lives on the East coast. For the last twenty-four years, I worked as a Special Education Assistant in the Los Angeles Unified School District. For twenty of those years, I worked with at-risk students and students with special needs at the secondary level. These students resided in a residential facility, and I worked closely not only with the entire school staff but with the social workers and staff at the residential placement. I am excited to be part of the Management Team of Happy Swimmers and look forward to working with you.

Taina, Lifeguard for Hire, Traveler and travel planner

Clason Point

Born and raised in NYC I have been swimming since I was 2 years old. I swam competitively all through grade school and high school and loved it! I have been lifeguarding year round (not only summers) for 11 years. When lifeguarding my main priority is swimmer safety while having fun!

I serve the NYC communities of Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, among others. 

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