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Low price guarantee, high quality guarantee

We are the lowest price of any local swim school’s rates as long as they have comparable professional standards.

All Group Swim Lessons can be either private or semi-private or mixed. Price is based on how long the total time of lesson is for that day, not per individual student. Maximum 2 students in with the instructor at the same time for safety.

  • 60 Minutes (example of 60 min is doing two back-to-back 30 min lessons)
  • 70 Minutes (two back-to-back lessons, one of 30 min + one of 40 min)
  • 80 Minutes (two back-to-back 40 min lessons)
  • 90 Minutes (three back-to-back 30 min lessons) which is only $30.33 per half hour using our best value rate! or $94 each lesson
  • 100 Minutes: $105 each lesson
  • 120 Minutes (three 40 min lessons, or four 30 min lessons back-to-back).That’s $31.33 for each child’s half hour this way for a total group cost of $125 each lesson.
Lesson Length Good Value Rate for buying 5-11 lessons as an initial enrollment Best Value Rate for buying 12+ lessons as an initial enrollment
60m 75 72
70m 84 77
80m 91 84
90m 99 94
100m 110 105
120m 132 125


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