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The Importance of Home First Aid

Posted on 03 Jan 2019
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Learning basic first aid is a skill that can have a dramatic effect for your ability to help people in times of need.

Having the knowledge of potential life saving first aid makes you a better parent, friend, co-worker and citizen.

A blocked airway can kill someone in 3 minutes, and the simple procedure of opening someone’s airway can save their life.

140,000 people die each year from incidents that first aid could have prevented.

4000 people die and 2700 people are injured each year from an accident at home.

53% of at home incidents are worsened by providing incorrect first aid treatments.

33% of fathers and 20% of mothers have been in a situation where they did not know how to help their child.

82% of parents with young children would not know what to do if their child was in an accident.

We don’t need to tell you any more reasons why first aid and learning CPR is important, it is not hard to learn and the peace of mind you receive while knowing these skills is priceless.

If you still need convincing, read from some real people who have been through this experience.

First Aid at Home


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