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ALOHA! Happy Swimmers started teaching at-home swim lessons in 1991 in Los Angeles, with 22 clients. Over the span of the last 19 years, our client list has grown to over 400 families served in many areas. In 2002, our owner moved to Kaua’i where he currently resides, but the call to teach swimming still bit him, and this year marks our inaugural season serving on-location swimming lessons to children or adults on Kaua’i.
On an island it’s just common sense to learn to swim. As you may be guessing, for our program, you need your own home pool, or access to a pool. Otherwise, we can use calm, protected, shallow areas at local beaches when the water is on the warmer side. A friend or community association pool is also fine. We carry insurance for any pool we use (some management companies ask, and we can provide a copy to them).


Swim Lesson Tip:

Building trust with the child student in the water: Building trust with the child student in the water is an important component to getting them to learn swimming with grace. Whenever the issue seems to present itself, we encourage the parent to say to the child, “I’ll never let go of you unless you say it’s ok…I promise…” Then stick to that! Even moving back while a child swims to you can erode that trust. Be careful of your word. Children remember!
This was one swimming lesson tip in a series sprinkled around our website. For the complete list, Visit our swim lesson tips and FAQ tab, and to get more tips and specials, follow us on Twitter.


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O'ahu and Kaua'i Swim Lessons Staff

Caleigh Rhew, Swim Instructor, LGI, CPR Instr.

Waimanalo, HI

Areas served: Windward O’ahu and town.

I have been teaching swim lessons for 7 years now. I am an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor as well as a Lifeguard Instructor. I have taught all ages from 6 months to adults. I also teach CPR courses with Aloha CPR, the sister company of Happy Swimmers.

Jenn SMS Test

Jenn SMS Test 2

Jenn Tyler, LGI, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Kaua'i, Los Angeles, San Jose; 25 years experience

Living on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i most of the year, and traveling to Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Houston regularly to lead Lifeguard Courses and CPR trainings, Jenn has been the director of Happy Swimmersfor over 25 years. It is a passion to assist in the empowerment of children learning how to swim in a medium once considered a fearful, uncertain place, magically turned into a supportive, fun environment to be exploredwith friends. The same goes for lifeguarding and training new lifeguards–there is no greater inner joy either in saving someone’s life as a lifeguard, or teaching others how to perform lifesaving skills. It is an honor for me to watch my students grow–where once there was doubt or panic, now there is strength and confidence.

Thank you for bringing yourself or your children to the care and support of Happy Swimmers USA

–Jenn Tyler, owner and founder

Kira “Keeks”, Private Swim Instructor & Lifeguard


I have been working with kids for about 10 years now, 5 years them teaching swim lessons, and have nothing but love and compassion for the little beans. I believe that each child is unique and thusly we must approach each child with the ability to tailor to their needs.

I’ve been guarding for 5 years, since I was 15, interested in the healthcare field from a young age! I currently work with children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and have a passion for the ocean 🙂

I have Ocean lifeguarding experience.

I serve the Honolulu communities of Honolulu, Palolo, Punahou, Manoa, among others. 

Kumu Blomfield, Private Swim Instructor and Lifeguard


I have been a lifeguard for 8 years I have taught swim lessons for 5 years.

As a young child I began my teaching career babysitting my younger siblings in the shoreline of Haleiwa, where we were raised. We grew up in the ocean learning to dive, sail, fish and surf, and I never missing an opportunity to learn more about the water. I passes on what I knew to my siblings and as a young adult began teaching others as well. After graduating from Kamehameha Schools, I began beach guarding for the City and County of Honolulu as well as Hawaiian Water Patrol, both specializing on beaches along the North Shore of Oahu. I continue to serve this duty and teach the youth thru programs like Jr. Lifeguards and Surfers Healing, a non-profit organization that takes/teaches children with autism how to surf.

Shawn Fugere, Honolulu Lifeguard for Hire and Swim Instructor


Wendi, Lifeguard for Hire and Swim Instructor

Honolulu 18 years experience lifeguarding!

10 years swim instructor experience.  I began swim instructing while working at summer camp working with young kids up through adults attending camps for the blind. Whether they’re a first time swimmer or an advanced swimmer, I love to see people become more comfortable in the water, challenge themselves to improve their skills, and enjoy the freedom and feel of the water.

18 years lifeguarding experience.  My lifeguarding career started with summer camp waterfront. Not much can beat helping people of all ages and capabilities safely enjoy the lake activities for the summer. Camp provided a wide range of lifeguard leadership from water ski shows and group water games, to canoeing rivers and kayaking to islands, and to blobs and rope swings. As a result, I lifeguard preventatively so that people can continue to enjoy the activities to the fullest.  Waterfront Lifeguarding and Scuba certified.

Areas served: Oahu Island, Ewa Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii Kai, North Shore

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