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Happy Swimmers USA provides Los Angeles Metro lifeguard for hire service for a variety of functions. From children’s pool parties (our specialty, seen on NBC4 News), to entertainment industry shoots, and corporate events, Happy Swimmers provides an incredible staff for all of these needs.


All staff are Red Cross certified Lifeguards with an average experience of 7 years, many at high volume locations. These are pros, not charming but inexperienced high schoolers. Wherever there is a pool involved in LA County (and many other areas), we have staff ready to serve you professionally to maintain a safe and fun environment.

We are the largest private lifeguard service in the country,

and based right here in L.A. With us, comes a LOCAL management team and lifeguard staff to fill your needs. We price guarantee our service. If you see a better price out there with our same high-quality standards, professional liability insured, we will match it. We pay our staff very well and have a track record of reliability with our staff most of whom have worked with us 3+years.  Easy to see why we have the lowest flaking rate by far of any lifeguard company. With a pool full of kids, we don’t want you wondering if the guard will show up.

Why hire us over another lifeguard company or even the kid down the street?

Our staff are employees, not independent contractors.  We have a lot more control over the quality and reliability of staff that way. We also are one of the only Los Angeles Metro Lifeguard for Hire companies that protects you with our insurance for PROFESSIONAL as well as general liability insurance and workers comp insurance.  Most lifeguard companies carry the minimum general liability (slips and falls) but they don’t carry the more specific professional liability coverage nor workers comp.  

Most importantly, if an accident happens no matter who’s at fault, you want your guard(s) properly insured for your protection.  Similarly, would you drive a car without car insurance or go to a doctor who you found didn’t carry malpractice insurance?  Above all, we cover you and your event, so you can enjoy the party.  You are automatically listed as “Additional Insured” on our General Liability policy as our client.

Additionally, almost all freelancers are completely uninsured. Who checks their criminal backgrounds and lifeguard certification status? Our staff is professionally checked for this. We hire the cream of the crop with the best experience, and again, with us, you have a team of managers and a company to back you up if someone flakes.

Welcome to Happy Swimmers’ Los Angeles Metro Lifeguard for Hire,  28 years of keeping a guardian angel’s eye on our client’s guests.


Price for up to 3 hours is $255 per lifeguard. Need additional lifeguards? We discount additional lifeguards by $15 to $240 each guard.  Going over 3 hours for your party? Add $28.50/half hour per lifeguard. Also, feel free to keep the guards over your original booking time pending their schedule.  Our office will bill you.  

The booking form on the next page will easily calculate your cost based on your party length and amount of lifeguards.  Above all, we’re a cheap alternative to an accident.  Just recently, one guard made 4 rescues to children at a busy party.  Think their parents thought he was worth it?

In conclusion, we’ve got your back, so you can enjoy your party!

From all of us at:

Happy Swimmers USA

Redic Martinez, Event Lifeguard

Denver, Westminister

Serving: Denver, Westminister

Ugur Cengiz, Event Lifeguard

Denver, Lakewood, Aurora,Littleton, Centennial, Highland Ranch, Westminster, Bloomfield

Hi there! I’m Ugur Cengiz, your dedicated lifeguard for your event. With years of experience in water safety and CPR certification, I’m here to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. When I’m not keeping watch, you can find me going on hikes with my dogs or Playing drum . Looking forward to keeping your event water-safe!

Serving: Denver, Lakewood, Aurora,Littleton, Centennial, Highland Ranch, Westminster, Bloomfield

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