Melbourne Lifeguard job, flexible hours

Melbourne Lifeguard job $40/hr! (up to $45 per hour with company raises). You'll travel mobile to private pool parties or corporate events to guard.  These are fun, and they're flexible shifts to accept or not.  Our guards saved 22 kids at private parties we served last summer! If you have what it takes— the skill and a great attitude, come be a part of our team and truly make a difference!

Flexible seasonal part-time hours, start when you want and pick up the assignments that fit your schedule. These gigs are mostly weekend shifts, Saturdays a bit more than Sundays, plus some weekdays while school is out, and evenings for fancy corporate events: Sydney harbor etc.

Easy application below by emailing your resume and certifications if you meet these requirements:

Melbourne Lifeguard job Requirements:

1. Current lifeguard certification (or up to date before accepting jobs)
2. Two or more years prior lifeguarding experience for $40/hr. If certified but less experience, $35/hr initial rate, apprenticed to senior staff.
3. Professional attitude, conscientious.
4. Reliable car, smartphone, e-mail.
5. Work With Children cleared.
6. Have your own first aid belt pack, lifeguard attire, and preferably a rescue tube or access to one. If not, you can likely buy a tube from us.

Once your resume is in, we will email you to set up an interview.


Save a life? Or teach a child to swim for their life? Priceless kudos.

We believe in paying the best in our industry. Most of our staff have been with our company for 3 or more years.
You are covered by our PROFESSIONAL liability insurance in Australia. It costs a lot, but we have you covered where others usually do not. Like driving a car without insurance or being covered, except YOU are the car.

Also, we believe in giving you the autonomy to work the hours you want, where you want. Have a cool concert to go to in 2 weeks? No stress.

You make a difference here--our owner saved 7 lives in one year of lifeguarding and has taught over 400 kids to swim in her life. If you want a job with purpose and great pay, welcome to Happy Swimmers! We treat you right and our clients come back year after year with our mutual high service standard.

Bonus points: On your cover email with your resume, tell me your favorite restaurant in your area and dish. I like "Lentil as Anything" and "Gopals" but I'm not strictly vegetarian. I'd love a great leg of lamb or fish too. I usually stay in the CBD. When I'm in your area, I may just head out and invite you!


Jenn Tyler, Owner, and Founder
0280 058 345

28 years in America/3 years Oz empowering kids and saving lives

Apply method: Email Us, introducing yourself and your qualifications/experience.

SUBJECT LINE: Melbourne Lifeguard, flexible hours Job Interest


Attach copies of relevant certifications for the position, Work With Children card, ABN number (or get one ASAP before accepting our jobs,  and a resume (if you have).

We will then call or email to set up an interview by phone or Skype.