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Quality Swim Goggles will cost $10-15 these days. Many larger sporting goods stores will sell them. DO NOT use cheap leaky brands found in drug store isles. These are counter productive. Use the below online link to for quality goggles like Speedo brand for kids, and many other quality swim aids and swim suits etc for the whole family we’ve found to be usually the lowest price on the net.

Swim Split Water Back Float

Before Swim Lesson Age: No to floaties/swim rings, YES to Split Water Back Floats

The Split Water Back Float is designed to hold the swimmer in the correct position in water so the arms can be given more freedom than water wings or a life vest. The float is made with 4 pieces of foam, and the pieces can be removed as the child progresses in swimming ability. The float is made with closed cell foam, and is latex free. The belt is adjustable up to 42 inches and the floats measure 7″³ x 8″³ x 3″³.
$10.50 each Order from Sprint Aquatics:

Why not Floaties/Swim Rings?

These devices actually retard a child’s progress for proper swimming. Though parents use these with good intentions, the problem lies in the fact that floaties are designed to keep the child vertical in the water, and a bent leg kick is then developed to navigate around the pool. When floaties are taken off, the child instinctively tries to kick the same way, and this kick forces her down under water and even greater fear sets in. Children who’ve not used floaties tend to learn about two to three times faster than the floaties kids. Not surprisingly this disclaimer is never found on the carton of floaties at the store.

Underwater Swimming Dive Rings

Dive Rings

Dive rings can help improve breath endurance, and promote better underwater swimming skills. The rings are made from durable and dense vinyl, with a weight to make them sink. They come in a set of 4, usually for under $10.

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