Lifeguard or CPR Certification Group Inquiries

Group CPR Training Classes, Instructor to Your Workplace: 

 Here’s the few simple steps to get your price quote for CPR training at your facility. 

You’ll want to consider these items while filling out the form:

  1. What certifications are you looking for: CPR, First Aid or both?
  2. Are you looking for upgraded CPR training Red Cross certifications for each person ($27 added each participant)?
  3. OR are you looking for OSHA approved Happy Swimmers certifications?
  4. Does your group need to add-on an AED upgrade to the CPR course? (30 min to the class and $10 added per student)
  5. Do you want to add-on a Blood Borne Pathogens upgrade? (30 min to the class and $10 added per student)
  6. A few dates and times that would work for all of the staff you need to be certified. Make sure you know about this ahead of time. This makes it easier to schedule a CPR instructor that works for what you need.
  7. Pricing, which will depend on the area you are in as well as which certifications are needed. How many people will be taking the Red Cross training or Happy Swimmers training will show which price bracket you are in.
  8. Space for the CPR class, there will need to be space to have everyone be on the floor with dummies. You should have a space in mind that will have enough space for your group.

Watch this video on the importance of offering your staff effective CPR training in the workplace. 

Wrong page? If you’re interested in a Private Lifeguard Course click here. If there are 3 people or less in your group, you may want to come to one of our public CPR classes here

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