Mobile CPR Training to Northern California (Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and SAC)


Mobile CPR Training to NorCalJTA Mobile CPR Training to NorCal has been serving the San Jose, Greater Bay Area and Sacramento area since 1995, granting over 55,000 people certification cards from Red Cross, American Heart Association, ASHI and the EMSA Authority for Childcare.

Depending on what you need, we tailor-make the CPR certification class to your group. Our unique and fun classes do not have dry details or intimidating testing (only the Healthcare class has a short 25 question quiz).

Our old-school style teaching is 90% learning by doing, 10% lecture. In an emergency, your brain may forget how to save a life, but your body may well remember. Kind of like learning to ride a bike.

We continue practice until everyone feels confident of their skills. Before you get your actual card, your metaphorical “certification card” is signed by your own heart’s stamp of approval.

Students time and time again tell us our intention of teaching truly makes the CPR classes in San Jose flow effortlessly and they understand this lifesaving skill like never before.

We look forward to having you try us in our San Francisco Bay area training sessions. We guarantee you’ll like us and learn what you need or it’s free.

What areas do we serve our Mobile CPR Training to NorCal?

Happy Swimmers Mobile CPR has instructors throughout Northern California, especially in the Bay Area and surrounding cities. Our staff travel to all Bay Area California Counties as far north as Napa, as far east as Sacramento, and as far south as Monterey.

We create a training class custom-tailored to your group, organization or business. Whether you need CPR, AED, First Aid, Adult, Child, or all of the above, we will create the course for you. Just let us know how many people are your group and what your training objectives are and we can make it happen for you.

If you wish, you can jump to our booking page by the blue button, or read on for class types and group pricing in the chart below.

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Class Types and Pricing Chart for CPR. The larger your group, the more you save.

Course Offerings at your site listed below     Up to 4
5 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 30
CPR $385 $422.4 $591.8 $748 $907.5 $1085.7 by special quote ~$35.2 ea
First Aid $385 $422.4 $591.8 $748 $907.5 $1085.7 by special quote ~$35.2 ea
Both CPR and First Aid $478.5 $587.4 $806.3 $1045 $1287 $1547.7 by special
quote ~$49.5
AED or Bloodborne Pathogen can be added on to your class as an extra half-hour module for $10 per student additional.

Prices given above include our Happy Swimmers Mobile CPR branded certification cards. Clients have the option to upgrade to American Red Cross certification cards for $30 each student cert. We put in the work first, and bill you AFTER your class. In business since 1991, we do things right. Thanks for coming to Happy Swimmers mobile CPR training to NorCal page.

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Lindsay Brecht, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, LGI, CPR Instr,**CPR ANGEL OF LIFE AWARD**

Sunnyvale is her home

**Happy Swimmers recognizes Lifeguard Lindsay with it's CPR ANGEL OF LIFE AWARD--Doing her important part to savea 7 year old boy...Way to go Lindsay!** 3 years swim teaching experience, including Special Needs kids. Some Communities I serve: Sunnyvale, San Jose, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Campbell, Mountain View, Santa Clara Swim Instructor role: What's better than feeling free, comfortable, confident and safe in the water!?! I want to help every child or adult I teach to feel this way. My love for the water started as an infant, and my love for competing started a few years later. I swam competitively for over 10 years and once my opportunities to compete diminished, I decided to teach. I taught swim lessons at the San Ramon Olympic Pool for three years. I taught all age groups ranging from 6 months to adults. I also have experience teaching lessons to children with special needs. My love for the water goes beyond swimming on the surface. I got scuba certified at 13 and I've been exploring the depths of the ocean ever since. Event Lifeguard role:As a child, I was the swimmer the lifeguards hated. Holding my breath to the very last moment, twisting and turning under water, running on the pool deck, doing the "dead man's float." I loved swimming and hated the lifeguards for ruining my fun. I've since learned that fun can still be had while following the rules. As a lifeguard, my number 1 priority is safety! Fun is a must, but it's second to safety. I have three years of lifeguarding experience and received Recognition of First Responder and Life Saving Efforts from the City of San Ramon for my role is saving the life of a 7 year old boy. Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) role:Teaching the lifeguarding course is like teaching a sport. There's the physical skills aspect and the psychological understanding and awareness aspect. My goal is to teach both. I feel successful when I'm running through the end of class scenario and the student's know how to leverage their tubes for buoyancy, when to call for help, the holds and strap sequence for a spinal, and when and how to perform CPR. They are confident with their decisions and skill. I've taught the lifeguard. CPR Instructor role:I've performed CPR and used an AED in an emergency situation. I am always scoping out where the nearest AED is in a building and running through "what if" scenarios in my head. I know what to do in an emergency and I have taught others what to do as well. I have over 4 years experience teaching CPR, first aid and AED courses.    

Katie, Lifeguard Instructor (LGI), CPR Instructor Staff, Plant Mama, Art Snob and World Explorer

Austin, San Antonio

As a CPR instructor for the Recreational Sports of The University of Texas at Austin, I have taught many college students, as well and full time employees. My favorite part of being a CPR instructor is figuring out how to make the class fun - if I can get my students to laugh, and remember a skill with a joke, then I know I am doing well! Serving: San Antonio, Austin, San Marcus, New Braunfels