Sunshine Coast Lifeguard Job, flexible hours

Sunshine Coast Lifeguard Job--travel to lifeguard for kids pool parties and corporate events around Sunnie.  $40/hr. (up to $45 per hour with company raises). Our guards saved 22 kids at private parties we served last summer! If you have what it takes— the skill and a great attitude, come be a part of our team and truly make a difference!

Flexible seasonal part-time hours, start when you want and pick up the assignments that fit your schedule. These gigs are mostly weekend shifts, Saturdays a bit more than Sundays, plus some weekdays while school is out, and evenings for fancy corporate events: Sydney harbor etc.

Easy application below emailing your resume and qualifications if you meet these requirements:

Sunshine Coast Lifeguard Job Requirements:

1. Current lifeguard certification (or up to date before accepting jobs)
2. Two or more years prior lifeguarding experience for $40/hr. If certified but less experience, $35/hr initial rate, apprenticed to senior staff.
3. Professional attitude, conscientious.
4. Reliable car, smartphone, e-mail.
5. Work With Children cleared.
6. Have your own first aid belt pack, lifeguard attire, and preferably a rescue tube or access to one. If not, you can likely buy a tube from us.

Once your resume is in, we will email you to set up an interview.


Save a life? Or teach a child to swim for their life? Priceless kudos.

We believe in paying the best in our industry. Most of our staff have been with our company for 3 or more years.
You are covered by our PROFESSIONAL liability insurance in Australia. It costs a lot, but we have you covered where others usually do not. Like driving a car without insurance or being covered, except YOU are the car.

Also, we believe in giving you the autonomy to work the hours you want, where you want. Have a cool concert to go to in 2 weeks? No stress.

You make a difference here--our owner saved 7 lives in one year of lifeguarding and has taught over 400 kids to swim in her life. If you want a job with purpose and great pay, welcome to Happy Swimmers! We treat you right and our clients come back year after year with our mutual high service standard.

Bonus points: On your cover email with your resume, tell me your favorite restaurant in your area and dish. I visit Sunnie from time to time. When I'm in your area, I may just head out and invite you!


Jenn Tyler, Owner, and Founder
0280 058 345

28 years in America/3 years Oz empowering kids and saving lives

Apply method: Email Us, introducing yourself, and your qualifications/experience.

SUBJECT LINE: Sunnie Event Lifeguard Job Interest


Attach copies of relevant certifications for the position, Work With Children card, ABN number (or get one ASAP before accepting our jobs,  and a resume (if you have).

We will then call or email to set up an interview by phone or Skype.