Happy Swimmer Management Bios

Jenn Tyler, M.A.

Happy Swimmers USA, founder and owner 26 years.

Jenn holds a Bachelors of Science degree from UCLA, and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. He’s been Chair of the AHA Los Angeles CPR Training Centers network, and been involved in many drowning prevention charities, and swim organizations over the years. Jenn’s life is based on the spiritual principles of kindness, compassion and service.

As Jenn looked into the faces of his first swimming youngsters, in 1991, he asked himself “What do people want to be in life?”- Happy… And from the look of his students was then born our name “Happy Swimmers.” Twenty-two clients made up our first year. With a commitment to quality and teaching swimming from a kind-hearted, LOVE based method in the comfort of ones own pool, over 25 years later and over 500 families a season now show our philosophy has paid off.

There is a bond that forms between our precious students and our kind instructors, and that trust is what propels the lessons to their beautiful results, all done in a nurturing, gentle format, or its not Happy Swimmers.

Namaste, God Bless, Shalom,

Peggy Kemp | Manager and Book keeping

Peggy Kemp

Happy Swimmers Central Office
Manager and Book keeping

Peggy has been “Peggy in Paradise” since 1999, when she moved to Kauai from Seattle, Washington, where she worked as a budget analyst for Seattle University. Her goals in life are to help others, help make the world a better place, and to have a lot of fun doing it. Her motto is “Expect the Best!” She likes to walk, garden, bead, make dolls, and watch Elvis movies with her sweetheart.”

Christine Sanders, M.S.

Happy Swimmers H.R. Director and Regional Lifeguard Booking Manager for Phoenix, all Texas, and East Coast

After working as an LAPD scientific investigator for 11 years I transitioned to completing my M.S. degree in Chemistry then followed a teaching and research path in university academics for several years. I then moved to Hawaii in 2008 where I first joined the JTA CPR/ Happy Swimmers team as a CPR/First Aid instructor. During these years I had always made a priority in volunteerism being active in the National Ski Patrol and the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Today I reside in Houston and presently support Help America Today turning elementary aged kids into the volunteers of tomorrow through grassroots community service projects. My passion for teaching and making a positive impact on our society is why I love teaching CPR and First Aid, particularly for those never certified. I am proud to now expand into the administrative staff of the company and be a part of turning children into happy swimmers.

Jennifer Levish

Regional Swim Instructor Assignments Manager for Southern and Northern California and Swim Client Relations

My parents had me in the water at 6 months old, and I have loved swimming for a long as I can remember. I swam on swim teams for 10 years and played water polo for 4 years. I started teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding when I was 16 and have experience working with swimmers of all ages and abilities, plus coaching swim team. I enjoy teaching technique and stroke work, but regardless of the level, safety is my top priority. I love working with Happy Swimmers because the staff and clients are amazing! I like the one-on-one, nurturing teaching style we have because I’ve seen what a big impact it has had on how quickly the students progress.

Susan Sumner | Regional Swim Instructor

Susan Sumner

Regional Swim Instructor Assignments Manager "Emeritus" for Southern and Northern California and Swim Client Relations

I’m an Aqua Aerobics Instructor with 7 years experience, a certified lifeguard, and PADI certified SCUBA diver. I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Kazakhstan from 2009-2011. Currently retired from a 23 year career in Information Technology, beginning as a programmer and retiring as a Vice President of IT.

Happy Swimmers swim instruction and lifeguard programs are top drawer, and I am proud to be a member of the team. The approach is kind, caring and professional, and all team members are vetted with those core competencies in mind.

Bettina Perkins

Co-Regional Swim Instructor Assignments Manager for Phoenix, all Texas, and East Coast and Swim Client Relations

Hello, I’ve been actively teaching swim lessons for six years and enjoy this more than any other profession I’ve ever been involved in. There is nothing better than doing what you love for a living and being able to teach and share it with others. I get to teach a child; learn life long skills that last a life time, as well as safety and the joy of the water. I’m always amazed at how students learn so much in a short period of time. It also fun to watch them, “Strut Their Stuff” when they become confident at what they have learned. I started swimming at age 3 and have never enjoyed anything more than the water. I have been a competitive swimmer, PADI diver and Coast Guard Auxiliary member for many years.

Glori Reid

Co-Regional Swim Instructor Assignments Manager for Phoenix, all Texas, and East Coast and Swim Client Relations

Co-Manager of Swim Instructors outside of California.

15 years swim lesson teaching experience! Go Glori!

Hi, my name is Glori. I started swimming before I could walk and fell in love with the water. I began swimming competitively at age 6 and did that through high school. I have also life guarded and taught swim lessons for 15 years. I love teaching others to swim and hope to share that love of the water with others. I also teach preschool during the week. I have taught kids and adults and individuals with special needs. I love swimming and want everyone to have a great experience in the water. My picture was taken in the Mediterranean sea a few years back.

Gloria Walker

Gloria Walker

Happy Swimmers Regional Lifeguard Booking Manager for Northern California clients.

Why a Lifeguard at my age? I was teaching water fitness and I asked myself would I be able to respond to a water emergency? No. I became certified within 3 months. Being in the water has always been natural to me. Lessons starting at 4 and the Swim and Dive Team by 10. Fun Water safety and being water safe that’s my motto. Being older I believe I have that extra edge. That experience, the intuition. Call it loving what you do and enjoying the moment. Anything you enjoy doing you do well.

Now, I’m the Co-Lifeguard Manager, and Senior Lifeguard Instructor for Nor Cal.  I look forward to serving you!

Christina Pasetta

Happy Swimmers Regional Lifeguard Booking Manager for Southern California clients.

SoCal and Seattle Regional Manager of Event Lifeguards. Contact me through the website contact form, for anything lifeguard for hire related once you’ve made your online booking.

For questions up to making your booking, use the contact form for our owner, Jenn.  Have a happy and safe party!  Christina

A little more about me: From my first big swim in the Pacific, and subsequent pummeling from an unexpected wave, I have loved lifeguards. I became a Jr. Lifeguard at age 7 after my unfortunate tossing in the white water, and began to understand the importance of water safety. The foundational learning of this program gave me the passion for ocean and pool awareness I have today. During my formative years, I began to play water polo and lifeguard after practice for our school’s younger swimmers. I continued to play competitively in college and became a Jr. Guard Instructor as well as an Ocean Lifeguard. My love of the water has stayed with me even when I became a Zookeeper after earning my bachelor’s, where I swam for exercise. The observational skills and preventative efforts I practiced daily when caring for Orangutans and Harbor Seals helped maintain my lifeguarding prowess. When I became a researcher of Orangutans in Indonesia and began my graduate schooling, I knew event lifeguarding would be a great way to support my education while honing my observational techniques. Scanning the trees for primate behaviors is perfect practice for scanning the water area for potentially distressed swimmers and vice versa. I love all primates, humans included, and I will work hard to keep all of them safe and happy- inside the water and out!


Robert Bracken,

Happy Swimmers "Swim Instructor Manager Emeritus"

After retiring from a 25 year career with Air France at the end of 2006, Rob created a consulting company that specializes in several areas including swim instruction. He began swimming competitively in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) meets at the age of 10. By the age of 13, he was teaching swimming to neighborhood children including those with special needs and those with a fear of water. Rob thinks that being young at heart is a reason that both children and adults trust him. “After all, swimming is fun and that is what has to be conveyed to a student. There is nothing better than seeing a smile on the face of someone who has just overcome a fear or an obstacle to fulfill a goal.” With teaching water safety and confidence as the number one priority, he individualizes each lesson to the needs of the student with emphasis on creativity and fun.