Happy Swimmer Management Bios

Jenn Tyler, M.A.

Founder and owner over 30 years.

Jenn holds a Bachelors of Science degree from UCLA, and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She’s been Chair of the AHA Los Angeles CPR Training Centers network, and been involved in many drowning prevention charities, and swim organizations over the years. Jenn’s life is based on the spiritual principles of kindness, compassion and service.

As Jenn looked into the faces of her first swimming youngsters, in 1991, she asked herself “What do people want to be in life?”- Happy… And from the look of his students was then born our name “Happy Swimmers.” Twenty-two clients made up our first year. With a commitment to quality and teaching swimming from a kind-hearted, LOVE based method in the comfort of ones own pool, over 25 years later and over 500 families a season now show our philosophy has paid off.

There is a bond that forms between our precious students and our kind instructors, and that trust is what propels the lessons to their beautiful results, all done in a nurturing, gentle format, or its not Happy Swimmers.

God Bless, Namaste, Shalom,

Paola Chamberlain | Manager and Book keeping

Paola Chamberlain

Central Office Manager and Finance Director

I’ve been in contact with water my whole life. I started swimming very young and was also a competitive swimmer in Brazil. I became a swim instructor teaching kids and adults when I went to college. I have a bachelors degree in Physical Education and I am specialized in Sports Psychology. I worked on a cruise ship for 4 years as a youth counselor and administrator. It was an amazing experience! It’s great to be part of this amazing team and now be an Office Manager. I love working with Happy Swimmers because the company has the most beautiful and gratifying mission: to save as many lives as we can 🙂


Laís James

HR Manager

I am a Brazilian living in California. I have a degree in Human Resources and always loved working with people. I also studied Marketing for a little over 2 years and Business a little over 3 years.

Happy Swimmers philosophy fascinates me and I love being part of this incredible team/family as the HR manager.
In my free time I run an online store of crafts that I make.

Stephanie Hayes

Lifeguard Booking Manager East Coast and TX

My background is in the legal profession working as a legal secretary for many years. I stopped working to raise two children who are now young adults. My daughter is a teacher in the Portland school district, and my son is an artist who lives on the East coast. For the last twenty-four years, I worked as a Special Education Assistant in the Los Angeles Unified School District. For twenty of those years I worked with at-risk students and students with special needs at the secondary level. These students resided in a residential facility, and I worked closely not only with the entire school staff but with the social workers and staff at the residential placement. I am excited to be part of the Management Team of Happy Swimmers and look forward to working with you.

Debbie Nate

Lifeguard Booking Manager (SoCal, Las Vegas and Phoenix) and CPR Instructor

Debbie is a graduate of CSUN with a background in teaching Physical Education and Special Education for students with Specific Learning Disabilities. She had worked for LAUSD as a teacher for 37.5 years. She has also been a Professional Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Training Instructor with the American Red Cross and LAUSD. She has taught First Aid and CPR for over 30 years and feels that it is important to give back to the community. She has a strong background in working with the community in planning and scheduling events for the Civic Center Division for LAUSD.  Debbie is excited to be a part of the Instructor Team for JTA CPR and looks forward to being part of the expanding Management Team of Happy Swimmers. In her free time, Debbie loves to hike, ski where ever there is snow, swim and travel.

Debbie Holland

Lifeguard Booking Manager NorCal and FL

My first job at 16 years old was Lifeguarding and Swim Instructor got to know the job well! I taught swimming to ages 3 months to adults. They hired me as a Lifeguard Manager, I did this for 8 years.
I then went on as an LA City Park Ranger for 5 years then went on and became a Police Officer with Monterey Park Police Department for 5 years was injured on the job!  After this I married my husband and have been married for 27 years with two daughters and one grandson.  I stayed home to raise my daughters and when they were in high school was hired to work for the Simi Valley Unified School District as a Distance Running Coach at Royal High School and then went on at the Elementary School as a Paraeducator.  I worked with Emotionally Disturbed, Autistic and Down Syndrome kids.
My experience with water started when I was on swim team at a young age and then swam in high school.  In high school I was also a runner and to this day still run everyday.  When I graduated from high school I swam for a Masters  Swim Team.