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Our lifeguards, CPR trainers, Lifeguard trainers, and swim instructors have a love and passion for what we do. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time while they are at the pool, and it is our goal make it possible for everyone to have access to lifeguards, swim instructors, and trainers they need in order to keep their pools safe.

Whether you are looking to book a private lifeguard for your event, run a Red Cross CPR and First Aid course for your staff, run a lifeguard course for new staff coming in, get your lifeguard instructors’ trained up and ready to run their own academies, or schedule swim lessons for your child to become pool safe, we are here for you! We love what we do and we know how to do it.

We thank you for choosing Happy Swimmers for your event lifeguards, Red Cross training, and swim lesson needs. We are so happy to have you here!

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  • 30+ years in the aquatic business, by far the longest established mobile swim school, lifeguard for hire, or mobile CPR and First Aid training of our competitors.
  • CPR training is done by our highly experienced Red Cross certified Lifeguard Instructor professionals and CPR Trainers. All of our Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR trainers are highly knowledgeable and have many years of experience.
  • Our swim instructors for private and group swim lessons are passionate about pool safety and teaching their swimmers how to be pool safe, get more comfortable in the water, or stroke refinement.
  • Swim lessons are focused on our swim instructors getting kids to be comfortable in the water and pool safe without traumatizing the kids. Our motto is having a firm but steady hand, though we always listen to what specifics parents may want us to enforce.
  • Running private swim lessons with amazing swim instructors is what we aim for! We have a passion to get these kids pool safe and will not quit until every kid knows how to swim.
  • All of our private lifeguards, swim instructors, and Red Cross CPR and First Aid Trainers pass professional background screening if over 18 for criminal records and child sex offenders–we take your children’s safety seriously, and there are no worries when you hire a lifeguard for a pool party, one of our swim instructors, or a Red Cross Trainer.
  • A nationwide USA based management team to serve you. No overseas call center or some web bot. You are served by a real person who is an active staff member of our teaching programs! They all have years’ experience with the company and know all about our private lifeguards, swim instruction, and Red Cross training.

Services We Offer

Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Our Swim Lessons focus on teaching pool safety techniques, getting kids pool safe is of the utmost importance to our swim instructors.

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Lifeguard for Hire Service

Lifeguard for Hire Service

It is crucial to have a trained and certified lifeguard for hire at all pool events. For Backyard parties or extravagant pool events, keeping your pool safe should always take precedence.

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Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Our Red Cross Instructors train lifeguard candidates for success. We teach lifeguards everything they need to know and work with each and every one to make sure they know how to keep people safe.

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CPR Training

CPR Training

We provide both Red Cross certification mobile training or Happy Swimmer’s own certification for your group or business. We are able to accommodate any certifications you require for your group.

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Happy Swimmers is dedicated to making as many pools safe as possible throughout the US. Please get in touch with us if you are able to use a disadvantaged program, a home-school program, or a government assistance program. We will be happy to fill out any paperwork needed and get you up and running with your lifeguards or swim instructors.


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Our Swim Lessons are Built for You!

  • Each swim lesson is different, depending on the child’s specific swimming skills, temperament, needs, and background.
  • Our swim instructors show up to your swimming lessons with an open slate, and only start building a plan once they see the swimmer in action and gain a full understanding for where they’re at in the pool.
  • We handpick all of our swim instructors to make sure that we get the best team out there possible in order to get as many kids pool safe as we can.


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