Red Cross CPR Instructor Course At Your Workplace or Come to Us

Be able to teach CPR, AED, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and more after completing this Two-Day Red Cross CPR instructor course!

Red Cross CPR Instructor Course

Instructor candidates doing a practice teaching assignment demo

You’ll have the ability to conduct Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) certification courses for your own employees or the public. Companies can save money over hiring outside trainers by doing your own safety training in-house. You host our instructor course and decide if it’s to be private or allow guests to your course.  If you can allow outside guest students, we would rebate some of your class fee in thanks.  Either way is fine.

Intended Audience

Happy Swimmers is pleased to provide organizations such as corporate safety/security teams, large hotels, municipalities, educational facilities, and summer camp settings, to name a few, the opportunity to conduct this training program at their own facility, nationwide. The training program is ideal for agencies and businesses needing to train or recertify employees on a regular basis. Save thousands of dollars annually over hiring outside trainers.

What is in the Red Cross CPR Instructor Course and what can I teach after passing it?

Link to download the course fact sheet pdf

The CPR-FA-AED Instructor course is designed to prepare instructor candidates to use course and presentation materials, conduct training sessions and evaluate the progress of candidates in a layperson level course. Upon successfully completing the CPR Instructor class, candidates are eligible to teach CPR-First Aid-AED for the Workplace or community, Bloodborne Pathogens, and others. You will have the option of then issuing Red Cross certificates, or if wanted other certification methods with bridging options explained in class.

Red Cross CPR Instructor Course

University safety team now certified instructors

Class Size and Time Required

The class runs as an online segment of 2 hours on your own timing then in-class consecutively two 8-hour days (7 hours of class, small breaks, and 1 hour lunch). Weekday or weekends are ok to book. Class size typically ranges between 5 and 10 instructor candidate students. In the event there are more, additional time or a second trainer may be provided to meet the established standards. There is a 5 participant minimum to conduct the training. In the event you wish to proceed with less than 5, the class will need to open to outside students to give the course its minimum. Allowing outside students yields course discounts that would be shared to the host facility as a partial rebate on your fee. To host the CPR Instructor Course training, a classroom with WiFi will be necessary. Conference rooms work well.

Cost of the Red Cross CPR Instructor Course

Cost per individual is generally $354 at your site, or $314 if you come to one of our public trainings. If students pay individually, once 5 students pay for the class on the registration link we will provide, the class is set to run on your chosen dates. If the organization pays either by check, credit card, or valid purchase order, again, our 5 student minimum fee will secure your dates. We are mobile nationwide, including Hawaii, from bases in CA, FL and HI. Travel fees, if needed, will be quoted prior to your class booking. We commonly serve most metropolitan regions nationwide. Refunds are given only if requested in writing by email greater than 30 days before class, due to travel arrangements of our instructor(s).  After your class, your instructor course will need to be paid in full before the students’ new Red Cross Instructor certificates are released.

Are you an individual or a group with less than 5 students?

Individuals consider coming to one of our public instructor classes: see our calendar at the bottom of this page.  Private classes aren’t listed, only public. Also, consider hosting this class if you have a suitable space (large conference rooms work well, HOA community rooms etc) and we can work out a trade for the use of your location. Email if this is your situation so we can discuss options.

CPR Instructor Course Student Prerequisites

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Possess a current American Red Cross certificate for First Aid/ CPR/AED
  • Obtain the CPR-FA-AED Instructor Manual (print version) and CPR-FA-AED Student Manual (digital or print) prior to entering the first classroom session of the instructor course
  • Successfully complete the online introduction to the CPR Instructor course (about 2 hours online)
  • Candidates will be provided with an opportunity to review all basic level CPR skills in which they are expected to show competency.

Course Set-Up

The Red Cross CPR Instructor Course is a blended learning offering with an online introduction to the CPR Instructor Course. Once payment has been received for the training, our Instructor Trainer will send the offering “deep link” and registration instructions to the course participant using the student’s provided email. In order to process the online offering through the American Red Cross, allow students prep time for their practice teaching assignments, and to arrange travel for the Instructor Trainer, a 30-day advanced notice is required before the first in-person class date is to occur. Refunds or a course rescheduling require 30 days advance as well.

Red Cross CPR Instructor Course

Pictured above, after completing our instructor course, if you did a private training, an option is sometimes available to have your new instructors do their first Red Cross class for your employees the following day with our instructor trainer still there for assistance and support. Ask our office if you’d like to include this option. An additional fee would apply.

Here are the steps to book us:

Step 1: Contact our director by email:

Please give us the basics: Your contact info, possible dates you’d like for this 2-day course, the approximate number of instructor candidates you’d like trained, if you are a smaller group or have extra space and you’d be willing to host some outside instructor candidates for a course fee reduction, let us know. We respect if you’d like to keep the class private, and also appreciate when we can include community instructors to be trained—we never know who teaches the person who saves a life!

Step 2: Let us know what CPR training equipment your facility already has on hand when you contact us. (any CPR manikins, AED’s etc). We can suggest quality vendors for equipment to purchase if you wish.

Step 3: We will then call you to confirm the details including nailing down the dates.

Step 4: We will then issue a link of an enrollment page for your instructor candidates and possible guest candidates, if hosting.

Step 5: Your course’s deep link for online study will be sent as each instructor candidate enrolls.

Step 6: Approximately 2 weeks before class, each instructor candidate receives their “Practice Teaching Assignments” (PTA’s) to prepare to give in front of a small group of their fellow candidates acting as students. All PTA’s are taken from material solely within the Red Cross Instructor’s manual. No outside research is needed.

We truly put on a quality training as we know making your staff the best instructors they can be translates to their students learning, retention and inner confidence. We don’t cut corners, but we DO have fun and build camaraderie and confidence.

Your CPR Instructor Course Instructor Trainer Profiles

Kimberly Lytle, serving the Eastern and Central U.S.

American Red Cross Instructor Trainer Kimberly Lytle has over 40 years of experience in the field of aquatics. She is a lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Wilderness First Aid Instructor, and CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor. Kimberly was recognized as the Instructor of the Year by the American Red Cross. Kimberly serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Aquatic Council and the State of Florida Health Department overseeing the field of aquatics. In addition, Kimberly served 10 years at the National Aquatic Safety Company International Aquatic School as an Instructor Trainer. As an educator for the past 28 years in the Osceola County District Schools, Kimberly was the Teacher of the Year for her middle school and placed in the Top Ten Educators for the District. Kimberly has provided valuable training to facilities such as The City of Kissimmee, The City of Saint Cloud, Tampa VA Hospital, Osceola Sheriff’s Department, Haines City, JW Marriott, Columbia School District, Gallaudet University, and Patrick Air Force Base. With experience with NASCO, Ellis and Associates, and the American Red Cross, Kimberly provides an exceptional lifeguard training program.

Gloria Walker, serving California and the Western U.S.

Why be a Lifeguard and CPR instructor trainer at my age? I was teaching water fitness and I asked myself would I be able to respond to a water emergency? No. I became certified within 3 months. Being in the water has always been natural to me. Lessons starting at 4 and the Swim and Dive Team by 10.

Fun Water safety and being water safe is my motto. Being older I believe I have that extra edge. That experience, the intuition. Call it loving what you do and enjoying the moment. Anything you enjoy doing, you do well.

Jenn Tyler, serving the Western U.S. and Hawaii

Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, company founder, and president, Happy Swimmers USA. 27 years in aquatics empowering lifeguards and the community with thousands of successful classes, with a focus on having fun while learning some key lifesaving skills.

We are your empowerment coaches, fostering excellence while cheering you on to be the best instructor you can be. Prepare yourself well, and see you in class!

~Kimberly, Gloria, and Jenn

Materials Needed for Your Instructor Course

Please download and print the instructor manual for class, put it in a 3-ring binder, or buy the hard copy online at to bring to class, for the other links: download and save them to your laptop/tablet for class):

First Aid-CPR-AED Instructor’s Manual

First Aid-CPR-AED Participant’s Manual

Adult Ready Reference Card CPR:FA:AED

Pediatric Ready Reference Card CPR-FA-AED

Plus, download the First Aid-CPR-AED Course Presentation Powerpoint on Instructor’s Corner (link will be provided in your enrollment confirmation email.)

Any questions on the CPR Instructor Course Offering?

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