Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons are just as important as kid’s swim lessons. It is always a great time to learn to swim, or to perfect your stroke. Happy Swimmers has staff who have high levels of experience working with adults, whether it be your very first swim lessons or a desire to smooth out your swimming strokes. Over the 20+ years of our adult swim lessons, our clients have ranged in age from their 20’s to in their 80’s!


Differences in Teaching Styles for Kids and Adult Swim Lessons

What is the difference in teaching styles between an adult swimming lessons and a child swimming lesson? With adults, it’s usually 80% overcoming the fear of water, specifically water deeper than standing. The other 20% is learning the strokes and basic floating. With kids it’s usually the reverse (80% method, 20% overcoming fears). We understand this teaching difference, compassionately, and will be there for you, with no surprises. A bonus: Adults don’t usually need as many swim lessons to learn once the worry is transformed. How many lessons? Start out with 4-6, and take it from there. You’ll know what feels right.

How Our Adult Swim Lessons Work

We set you up so that you will keep the same swim instructor for all the swim lessons you need. Upon signing up, you let us know about yourself and your skills in the pool, and we match you with a great swim instructor. This ensures continuity and consistency in your learning process. You may request a male or female if one or the other is more comfortable to you.

As for length of sessions, we suggest taking either 45 min or 60 min per adult lesson, and this can be modified after the first swim lesson or two to whatever feels best to you.

We applaud you for stepping forward as an adult to learn to swim, improve your strokes, and feel confident and fear-free in the water!

Happy Swimming!

Why is Exercise so Important?

Exercise is so important as you get older. Swimming is the most amazing exercise because it is low-impact, meaning it’s less-likely to hurt your knees, hips, and back. Watch this video on the importance of exercise and sign up for your swim lessons today.

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