About Happy Swimmers

The Happy Swimmers Family

The Happy Swimmers Family

Jenn Tyler, the founder of Happy Swimmers, is nothing less than a pioneer of the aquatic industry in the US. She began this venture in 1991, after realizing her passion for keeping people safe, she began the business of hiring out private lifeguards, swim instructors, and Red Cross trainers throughout the United States.

In the last 32 years, Happy Swimmers has grown into one of the most prominent and high-quality aquatic services in the US, staffing over 300 for hire lifeguards each summer and training thousands of people each year to receive their lifeguard certifications, CPR and First Aid certifications.

Hayley Church and Samuel Cooksey took over the company, adding it to their business of 12 years, Cooksey’s Lifeguard and Swim. They have worked hard to carry on the legacy of Happy Swimmers and merge it with our own passions to grow Happy Swimmers in quality and safety standards.

Our vision is to make sure that everyone knows the cruciality of having a certified lifeguard’s eyes on the pool when people are swimming and for everyone to become pool safe through swim lessons or otherwise.

Education of pool safety is and always has been our biggest priority. We work tirelessly every day to make sure that our private lifeguards provide the best services, our swim instructors teach their students to be pool safe, and our Red Cross courses teach people the skills they need to help people in an emergency.


Our Lifeguards and Swim Instructors

Happy Swimmers USA is one of the oldest and largest private swim lesson and lifeguard for hire providers in the US. We serve all of Southern California, San Jose and San Francisco (Bay Area), Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, South Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City and more. Just check out our list of locations that we serve below to see if we can provide a lifeguard, swim instructor, or Red Cross trainer to your location.

Our company has expanded nationwide through our huge, certified lifeguard networks. We train lifeguards to come and work with us, we host interview sessions where we test the skills of each lifeguard prior to hiring them into our family, and we work with them every step of the way to make sure our clients remain happy.

We have an absolutely amazing team of lifeguard, swim instructors and trainers, and an exceptional management team that holds everything together. We work to become better and better every year, adapt to changes within the aquatic industry, and really push the boundaries in order to keep everyone safe at the pool.

Additional Services

In addition to providing private lifeguards for events like children’s pool parties, corporate parties, entertainment industry filming, and short-term commercial pool fill-in guards (providing insured, certified lifeguards to country clubs and HOAs, etc.). Happy Swimmers USA also provides swim instructors to private homes and facilities throughout the country to teach children and adults the fundamentals of swimming.

Happy Swimmers trains Lifeguards through Red Cross. If you have strong swimming skills and you’re looking to become a lifeguard, we currently offer that training in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Washington DC.

One more service we provide is our CPR and First Aid Training classes. Like the name says, we offer CPR, First Aid, AED training to the public in Southern California, San Jose, Houston. We train and certify thousands of people per year in office, home, and school settings in CPR and First Aid both through the Red Cross and through our own company certifications.

Thank you for checking out our lifeguard, swim instruction, and Red Cross training company. We look forward to helping your pool times be safe, always, whether you are taking swim lessons, signing up for a lifeguard certification, or lifeguarding your next event.

We look forward to helping you keep your pool safe!


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