About Happy Swimmers

The Happy Swimmers Family

The Happy Swimmers Family

As our’ owner looked into the eyes of her first swimming youngsters, in 1991, she asked herself “What do people want to be in life?”- Happy… And from the happy look on her students’ faces was then born our name “Happy Swimmers.” Twenty-two clients made up our first year.

With a commitment to quality and teaching swimming from a kind-hearted, LOVE based method in the comfort of one’s own pool, nearly 20 years later over 500 families a season now show our philosophy has paid off. There is a bond that forms between our precious students and our kind instructors, and that trust is what propels the lessons to their beautiful results, all done in a nurturing, gentle format, or it’s not Happy Swimmers.

Locations Served

Happy Swimmers USA and Australia is one of the largest private swim lesson providers in the US, and private lifeguard provider in Australia. In the USA we serve all of Southern California, San Jose(Bay Area), Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, South Florida, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City, Honolulu and Kaua’i.

In Australia we serve: SE Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

How did we go to these areas? Some of our key staff moved to those places and said, ‘Hey, can we continue the Happy Swimmers vibe here?’ Of course, I was eager to say Yes!, and from there, our company has expanded nationwide to help hundreds of children a year become “happy swimmers.”

Additional Services

In addition to providing swimming lessons, Happy Swimmers USA and Australia also provide professional lifeguards for private events like children’s pool parties, corporate parties, entertainment industry filming, and short-term commercial pool fill-in guards (providing insured, certified lifeguards to country clubs and HOAs, etc.).

Happy Swimmers also trains Lifeguards. If you have strong swimming skills and you’re looking to become a lifeguard, we currently offer that training in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Washington DC.

One more safety arena is our sister company, JTA CPR Training. Like the name says, we offer CPR, First Aid, AED training to the public in Southern California, San Jose, Houston, Honolulu and all of Hawai’i. That business has trained over 50,000 students in over 27 years of business! Check it out at jtacpr.com.

Thank you for checking out our swim instruction company. We look forward to helping you become a better swimmer and want to serve you in whatever way we can.

Have a great day!


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