Red Cross CPR and Lifeguard (LGI) Instructor Course

Intended Audience

This mobile Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course (LGI Course) is designed for organizations such as municipalities, educational facilities, and summer camp settings, to name just a few. It’s a helpful opportunity to conduct this training program right at your own facility on your own schedule. The training program is ideal for agencies and businesses needing to train or recertify lifeguards on a yearly basis or provide lifeguards for community facilities. In addition, the newly created lifeguard instructor can also provide bloodborne pathogen and CPR/AED/First Aid training to staff and the community. Lifeguard instructors will also have the capability to conduct your facility audits and in-service training.

LGI Course Class Size

Class size ranges between 6 and 10 students. In the event there are more than 10 students, additional time or a second trainer may be provided to meet the established standards. There is a 6 participant minimum to conduct the training. In the event you wish to proceed with less than 6, the minimum base price based on 6 will be divided between the participants. If you are a host organization then you may want to consider opening the course to the community to meet the minimum class size. Course discounts are available if class size goes over 10 total students. It will be given to the host facility as a rebate. To host the class a classroom with WIFI will be necessary. The pool should have shallow and deep water. The minimum acceptable depth of the deep end of the pool is 7 feet.

Mobile Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course Cost

The cost per individual is $374. If students pay individually, once 6 students pay for the class on the registration link we will provide, the class is guaranteed to run on your chosen dates. If the organization pays either by check, credit card, or purchase order, again, our 6 students minimum fee will secure your dates.  We are mobile nationwide, however, more remote areas may need either a higher minimum student count or a travel fee. Refunds are given only if requested in writing by email greater than 21 days before class.  After your class, your instructor course will need to be paid in full before the student’s new Red Cross Instructor certificates are released.

What is in this Lifeguard Instructor Course and what can I teach after passing it?

The mobile lifeguard instructor course is designed to prepare instructor candidates to use course presentation materials, conduct training sessions, and evaluate the progress of candidates in a professional-level course. Upon successfully becoming a Lifeguarding Instructor, one is eligible to teach many courses. These include Lifeguarding, Shallow Water Lifeguarding, Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding, Waterfront Skills, Waterpark Skills, First Aid, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers, Administering Emergency Oxygen and Bloodborne Pathogens. Lifeguarding Instructors with a current Red Cross basic-level certification in Administering Emergency Oxygen may also teach Administering Emergency Oxygen. To be eligible to teach Waterfront Skills, candidates must also possess a Waterfront Skills certificate.

Link for the Lifeguard Instructor Course Fact Sheet PDF

Mobile Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course Student Prerequisites

• LGI Course students must be at least 17 years old

• Possess a current American Red Cross certificate for Lifeguarding/First Aid/ CPR/AED

• Obtain the Lifeguarding Instructor Manual (print version) and Lifeguarding Manual (digital or print) prior to entering the first classroom session of the instructor course

• Successfully complete the online introduction to the Lifeguarding Instructor course (about 2 hours online)

• Successfully complete the in-person precourse swim session.

• LGI Course Candidates should be able to swim 300 yards using freestyle or breaststroke.   Treading water for 2 minutes only using their legs is the second test.  Third, a timed event – swim 20 yards to retrieve a 10-pound brick – returning it to the starting point by swimming on back using only the legs – climb out of the pool unassisted within 1 minute and 40 seconds. Hint: Practice these ahead of class. No refunds for students not meeting these standards once the in-person class begins.

• Candidates will be provided with an opportunity to review all basic level lifeguard skills in which they are expected to show competency.

Course Set-Up

The Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Course is a blended learning offering with an online Introduction to the Lifeguarding Instructor Course. Once payment has been received for the training, our Instructor Trainer will send the offering deep link and registration instructions to the course participant using the student’s provided email. In order to process the online offering through the American Red Cross, allow students prep time for their practice teaching assignments, and arrange travel for the Instructor Trainer, a 4-week minimum is required before the first in-person class date is to occur.

Contact us to reserve your LGI Course dates, and we will then issue a link of an enrollment page for your students and possible walk-ons, if selected. Let us know what lifeguard/CPR training equipment your facility already has on hand when you contact us.  (any backboards, rescue tubes, CPR manikins, AED’s etc).

Yielding the Ability to Conduct Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Courses
for Your Facility. You host this mobile training to your group
and decide if it's to be private or allow walk-ons.

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Mobile Lifeguard Instructor Course


Your Instructor Trainer Profiles

Kimberly Lytle, serving the Eastern and South Central U.S.

Mobile Lifeguard Instructor Course Instructor Kimberly American Red Cross Instructor Trainer Kimberly Lytle has over 40 years of experience in the field of aquatics. She is a lifeguard, Lifeguard Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Wilderness First Aid Instructor, and CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor. Kimberly was recognized as the Instructor of the Year by the American Red Cross. Kimberly serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Aquatic Council and the State of Florida Health Department overseeing the field of aquatics. In addition, Kimberly served 10 years at the National Aquatic Safety Company International Aquatic School as an Instructor Trainer. As an educator for the past 28 years in the Osceola County District Schools, Kimberly was the Teacher of the Year for her middle school and placed in the Top Ten Educators for the District. Kimberly has provided valuable training to facilities such as The City of Kissimmee, The City of Saint Cloud, Tampa VA Hospital, Osceola Sheriff’s Department, Haines City, JW Marriott, Columbia School District, Gallaudet University, and Patrick Air Force Base. With experience with NASCO, Ellis and Associates, and the American Red Cross, Kimberly provides an exceptional lifeguard training program.

Jenn Tyler, serving the Western U.S.

Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, company founder, and president, Happy Swimmers USA. 27 years in aquatics empowering lifeguards and the community with thousands of successful classes, with a focus on having fun while learning some key lifesaving skills.

We are your empowerment coaches, fostering excellence while cheering you on to be the best LGI you can be. Prepare yourself well, and see you in the water!

~Kimberly and Jenn

Important Materials/Textbooks for Your LGI class.  Click these download links:

Instructions for completing the LGI course

Lifeguarding Instructor’s Manual (print this out for class, or buy a hard copy from and bring to class)

Lifeguarding Participant’s (Student) Manual for LGT course (download, no need to print, but bring it on your laptop or tablet to class)

Once enrolled in the LGI course, please download the Lifeguard Training Course Presentation Powerpoint presentation to be used in your Practice Teaching Assignments we will assign:


More Info and to reserve dates: Contact Us 


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