San Diego Mobile Lifeguard Training to Your Group with a Pool

Lifeguard Certification

San Diego Lifeguard Training serving all of San Diego County. This lifeguard certification course is at your chosen pool location, it must be a large pool (at least 25 yards long) and have ample spacing on the deck. It can be any depth. 

Email us pictures of your suggested pool to be safe.

The San Diego lifeguard training course is intended for good swimmers. On the next page, review the swim competency pre-test if you are unsure.

Red Cross certifications are given for each student passing all curriculum points in Lifeguard Training, CPR-Pro, AED and Lifeguard First Aid.

This is a 3-day course, usually arranged in 3 consecutive days. You can arrange the days and times however they work best for you and your lifeguard participants. 

San Diego Lifeguard Training has a minimum for your group’s private classes.  At least 5 participants are needed to do the skills. This is a Red Cross requirement. The maximum we can have in one class with one Lifeguard Instructor is 10. Another option if you have less than 6, is to agree to host a few kids from our walk-on list to at least make your minimum. The walk-on students have always been good guests of any host we’ve had.

The benefits of booking us for a private class over a Park and Rec class?

  • You choose the dates and times that work for your group, not on someone else’s schedule
  • It’s YOUR group, at YOUR location, this is the best for your Emergency Action Plan and the safety of your swimmers!!
  • Class size is limited, better quality and done quicker.
  • Your staff instructors are top notch pros.
  • Our effort is to the individual, not to move the group on and let a few fail.
  • We’ve been doing lifeguard trainings 20+ years. We know how to make it fun and effective.

Course Pre-test ability checkoff for San Diego Lifeguard Training:

  • Student minimum age is 15 by final day of class.
  • Swim – Tread – Swim Sequence swim 200 yards, tread water for 2 minutes without hands, swim 50 yards.
  • A timed weight-retrieval drill (the Brick) where you swim 20 yards, do a surface dive to a 10-pound weight in the deepest part of your pool, surface and swim on your back with the object 20 yards, exit the water without using a ladder or steps. The time limit is 1 minute and 40 seconds. This is an easy time interval for the normal swimmer.

Our fee is payable by check (at class) or credit card (prior to class). For credit card payments, see link at the bottom of the next page.We offer our lowest price guarantee for any private class booking. We’ve been doing this training 30 years and have a passion and a track record of making the highest quality privately trained guards in the industry.

Lifeguard Certification Staff in San Diego Metro

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