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Private Swim Lessons

Teacher Jenn's Cell phone: (808) 635-7062

ALOHA! Happy Swimmers’ owner Jenn started teaching at-home swim lessons in 1991 in Los Angeles, with 22 clients in her kind-hearted swim teaching style. Some of Jenn’s L.A. little students were Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and many other kids, celebrity or not, Jenn loved them all.  Over the span of over 30 years, the client list of her company grew to over 600 families served in metropolitan areas nationwide with many instructors. In 2002, Jenn moved to Kaua’i where she currently resides, but the call to teach swimming still remained and Kauai private swim lessons for visitors and residents then continued here.  Many visitors want some brush up lessons while here and that’s great.

On an island, it’s just common sense to learn to swim. As you may be guessing, for our program, you need your own home pool or access to a pool. For adults, we can use calm, protected, shallow areas at local beaches when the water is on the warmer side. A friend or community association pool is also fine. We carry insurance under our business name, Akahai Enterprises, Inc. (Akahai is Hawai’ian translated as “kindness”). This insurance covers swim lessons at any pool I, Jenn, come to (some management companies ask, and I can provide a copy to them).


EMAIL jenn@happyswimmers.com to make a booking directly (do not use the form on this site). Price varies somewhat by travel distance on Kaua’i, but generally, it’s $75-90 per hour+$20 travel fee.  I don’t wear a watch, so the lesson lengths may vary somewhat, and I usually just charge the hour. Serving the Northshore on down to Po’ipu.

Kids need to be at least 2 1/2 to start, and again, we need to have a heated pool as kids lose their body temperature 4x as fast as adults. If they’re cold, it’s hard to learn and I don’t want to waste client $$’s. 🙂


lifeguard instructor, cpr instructor, swim instructor


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Jenn Tyler, Past President of the Company, LGI, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Company founder, past CEO, with 30 years lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, and swim teaching experience

Living on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i most of the year, and traveling to Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Denver regularly to lead Lifeguard Courses and CPR training, Jenn was the director of Happy Swimmers for over 32 years. It is a passion of mine to assist in the empowerment of children learning how to swim in a medium once considered a fearful, uncertain place, magically turned into a supportive, fun environment to be explored with friends. The same goes for lifeguarding and training new lifeguards–there is no greater inner joy either in saving someone’s life as a lifeguard, or teaching others how to perform lifesaving skills. It is an honor for me to watch my students grow–where once there was doubt or panic, now there is strength and confidence.

Thank you for looking to become a Happy Swimmer!

–Jenn Tyler, past owner, and founder

Swim Lesson Tip:

Building trust with the child student in the water: Building trust with the child student in the water is an important component to getting them to learn swimming with grace. Whenever the issue seems to present itself, we encourage the parent to say to the child, “I’ll never let go of you unless you say it’s ok…I promise…” Then stick to that! Even moving back while a child swims to you can erode that trust. Be careful of your word. Children remember!
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