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Thank you for choosing Happy Swimmers lifeguards to staff your upcoming pool event! We help you create a safe environment for your swimmers by providing  your professional, certified lifeguards. Each event lifeguard is hand-selected and must complete a background check, so you get the best.

Below there are two buttons to book your Lifeguard for Hire:

  1. Lifeguards needed 1 to 2 days
  2. Lifeguard needed multi-days (3+ days)

The total for your event lifeguard is calculated on the booking form once you select your metro area and times needed. If your metro area is not listed, unfortunately we do not serve your area yet. If you want to see us in your town, please head to our contact us form to request us to add your area to our cities.

Why Hire a Professional Event Lifeguard Company?

We are a professional and fully insured lifeguard company. Happy Swimmers have over 30 years of aquatic experience and it shows. Our team works hard to make as many pool parties safe in the US as we can. Professional lifeguards are a necessity anytime people are around your pool. A certified lifeguards prevents emergencies from happening and aids in emergencies in and around the pool. Drowning can happen in just over 30 seconds, so it is crucial to have experienced eyes on your pool at all times.

Happy Swimmer professional event lifeguard services have you covered for your next pool gathering. Our specialties include birthdays, film shoots, weddings, corporate events, and graduations parties. All events next to a pool should require a certified lifeguard, whether there is swimming or not.

Just click on one of the options below and then fill out the information to confirm your lifeguard booking. Once booked, you will receive an email from your booking manager with more instructions and information. Once an event lifeguard picks up your event, they will contact you, next, your event will be put on our calendar. After that you are all set for your event.

~  Happy Swimmers Management Team


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