Private Swimming Lessons

A Letter from Our Director

Our Mission: To effectively teach children how to survive falls into the water, return to the side, and have fun swimming for life! We do this with kindness, love and trust.

Dear Potential Clients of Happy Swimmers,

Since we’re new to each other, I’d like to share a little about our company’s private swimming lesson background and teaching style. We’ve been in business for 32 years, teaching children and adults across Southern California and the Bay Area, Phoenix, Tucson, DFW metroplex, Houston, Austin, Washington DC, Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tamp, and New York City areas how to swim. Our first priority is to teach children how to survive falls into the water. Once this is mastered, swim strokes are emphasized, but not before a high degree of water safety is attained. For adult learners, our intent is transforming a fear of the water to the experience of being held and supported by the water, all done with great care.

Our philosophy of teaching is simple. We teach water safety by building a loving, trusting relationship with our students, both children and adults.  Our instructors are keenly aware of each student’s comfort zone. Your child will be proud to show you what they learn after each visit, and we give you ways to practice and promote even greater learning in-between the lessons.


We taught BLIPPI to swim, and we can teach you, too!! BOOK TODAY!

We maintain a staff of 8-12 highly experienced, certified, and kind swim instructors in each area we serve. Whereas other companies may have more instructors, we focus on having the highest quality.

Because we believe in the importance of the relationship between teacher and student, we won’t substitute your teacher unless something unforeseen happens. The most important thing with swim lessons is building trust between the swim instructor, which is why we make sure to a match swim instructor to a swimmer that will work well together. Also, our swim instructors all pass criminal background checks, including child predator screening.

We’re members of the United States Swim School Association, a national body of integrity-based professional swim schools, and we’re fully insured. Don’t settle for less! Space books quickly for summer lessons, and instructors’ schedules are filled on a first come-first-served basis, so for best availability of times and instructors, please plan to start your private swimming lessons as soon in the season as you can. The greater flexibility of days and times you can offer on the enrollment form, the easier we can assign the best instructor, so please be a broad as possible.

We look forward to serving you with kindness, and beautiful results. Click here to book your swim lessons now! 

-Happy Swimmers Team.

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