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Happy Swimmers started teaching at-home swim lessons in 1991 in Los Angeles, with 22 clients. In 1993 we began serving Phoenix. In 2009 we opened in Austin, and this is our second summer in Houston, with hundreds of kids learning each summer. We are the most seasoned mobile swim lesson company serving the Houston Metro area.  Our staff average 13 years swimming lesson teaching.

This region is home to many fine swim schools and city programs, so why do we offer swimming lessons? Some kids do well in boisterous social large group swim lessons, but many kids do not, and prefer a quiet, trusting setting of their own home pool and a dedicated, kind-hearted, patient instructor. We specialize in the latter style of teaching.

Houston Swim Lesson Area served:  Mostly North, North East, West,  South and Southwest Houston.

Availability for my area:
• If you enroll in April or May, getting your lesson preferences are usually no problem
• If you enroll in June, please do so as early in the month as possible, and have some greater flexibility of times and days that would work.
• If you enroll in July, please be flexible on your times, and/or know that some early season clients will finish and open up time slots for you to take. Ask our office.

Can we serve your area? If you’re in the Houston Metro area, it will be our pleasure to serve you


Here’s a recent testimonial from a mom in Sugar Land:

I enrolled my 2 1/2 year old daughter in private swimming lessons through Happy Swimmers USA with instructor Krysta Meyer.  We have been taking the lessons for 2 months and my 2 1/2 year old can jump in the swimming pool on her own, swim and float on her back for the entire length of the pool (30 feet) to the side without any assistance.  My husband and I are amazed at her progress and have been very impressed with her instructor, Krysta.  I highly recommend this program for every child learning how to swim.
Suzanne, Sugar Land, TX

See the  1 minute video of their results by clicking here:HS Swim client Suzanne Dickey, Houston, SI Krysta Myer


Swim Lesson Tip:

Goggles are ok for 3 year olds and up during lessons—IF they fit well and don’t leak much. Encourage parents to get quality goggles, like Speedo’s for children, not the $1.50 pair from the drugstore which leak incessantly.

This was one swimming lesson tip in a series sprinkled around our website. For the complete list, Visit our swim lesson tips and FAQ tab, and to get more tips and specials, follow us on Twitter.

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