Children’s Swim Lessons

Bridgt-Byrd-with-swimmer-2015Happy Swimmers Swim School specializes in children’s swim lessons. Our teachers have at least 3 years experience teaching swim lessons and many have a background in working with children in other professions. We give lessons for ages 24 months and up, although the majority of our beginning swimmer little ones are between the ages of 3 and 6. You were able to read about our philosophy and teaching methodology now read about how we can organize the best lesson format for you.

Frequency of Lessons

Private swim lessons will yield the quickest learning, and going more frequently during the week is better than longer gaps. We suggest twice a week minimum, although three times a week is preferred.

For 2 to 3 year olds, a 30 minute lesson works well. For 4 year olds and up, 40 minutes is usually best, unless the child is more fearful, then we suggest a 30 minute lesson.

Multiple Children Learning in the same Lesson

For multiple children, two same age children can share a lesson with the same instructor and split the cost. Both for safety and best learning, we do not take over two children at a time with one instructor.

shutterstock_123199540Parent Participation

If a child is in their early 2’s, mom or dad can be in the water too if needed, and the instructor will teach through the parent.

For children under 24 months

We do not teach swim lessons for children under 24 months, as to teach these youngest ones to “swim” takes near daily lessons for 9 months or more. Instead, enjoy the pool with these little ones yourself, make the water a fun experience. Be sure to spend no more than 20 min at a time in a warm pool, and see us next year. They’ll advance so much quicker after they pass the 24 month mark. We want you to save money and have fun…imagine that!

Note: If floaties or lifepreservers have been used, please discontinue as soon as possible before lessons begin. More info on floaties can be found under the “About Us” tab at top, then select: swimming tips page. The more educated you get, the more you’ll do the right things.  Our site isn’t just buying swim lessons.  It’s here to help you learn too!


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