According to mandated COVID-19 precautions, our company is taking CPR bookings and doing CPR classes, with clear safety precautions mandated by Red Cross and CDC in place, including everyone having their own sterilized CPR manikin (1 to 1 ratio), staying 6 feet apart, and all demonstration skills only done on the instructor, no student to student interaction, among other measures.Stay positive, and know we'll make it through this pandemic.

God Bless this World--We are One Humanity. ~~Jenn Tyler, founder and CEO

If you’re interested in a Private Lifeguard Course then click here.

If you are 3 people or less, you may want to come to one of our public CPR classes here

Otherwise, all groups for CPR class:

  Here’s the few simple steps to get your own quick price quote for CPR training at your facility. You’ll want to consider these items:

  1. Note what region of ours you are in: NorCal, SoCal, Texas, Hawai’i, Florida, VA-DC-MD
  2. Tell us what class do you want: CPR, First Aid or both?
  3. How many people approximately will need an upgrade of Red Cross certificates, versus how many are fine with the same course content, but don’t need the Red Cross brand certificate? These students will receive our OSHA approved JTA CPR company generic equivalent cert card (saves you $22.5 per student if you don’t need Red Cross cert). Usually only Licensed Childcare professionals need the Red Cross certs for work, and CA law says one childcare worker at all times with the children must have the Red Cross cert. You choose how many RC certs to order, for whom, to save you money.
  4. Do you want to add-on an AED upgrade or Blood Borne Pathogens upgrade (either is 30 min to the class and $10 added per student).

Ok here we go:

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