In 1991, the owner, Jenn, began our company after graduating from UCLA and working with the City of Beverly Hills CPR training program. She found people coming to classes had a preconceived notion that CPR class was going to be long, unengaged, and boring. She said, no way, as she knew half of the public at some point in their lives is in a situation needing to do CPR.

So remembering the basics versus being intimidated by dry details is what became our focus. We do this by keeping CPR learning simple, truly fun, and memorable. It’s worked out, as we’ve been teaching over 45,000 people like you since then, because we listened to how our clients like to learn (and how we like to teach). You can find CPR classes in many different cities.

How can we do it? Since we’re approved to teach under all major certification programs in CPR, like Red Cross, American Heart Association, EMSA for Child Care, and ASHI, Jenn Tyler and Associates blends the best of each program to give you and your licensing agency the exact life saving training you need.

No long days, or multiple visits, our classes are kept easy and concise, cutting out a lot of talk and having you simply remember by doing. Our 2 to 3 hour classes end up being about 1/4 talk, 3/4 practice. We also offer individualized lifeguard training classes.