Good afternoon. A week ago, LaToya Butts, Debbie Nate and Katie Harker, came to Chaminade College Preparatory to recertify faculty and staff in first aid and CPR. As a relatively new mom I was also able to ask questions regarding my toddler, which I am grateful for, and has prompted this email. My 19 month old Micah had a severe allergic reaction to a Lara bar he was eating 2 nights ago which ended us up in the ER. I began to recognize the signs of struggled breathing and blisters on his face and body and within minutes we were in the ER being looked after. Had I not had that refresher with them, I may not have understood that the moments we had were precious and that he needed immediate medical attention which I would not have been able to provide for. This was his first reaction and I now know that every time it will get worse without his epi pen and Benadryl. Please extend my gratitude to these three individuals, and tell them to keep up the good work, knowing that the knowledge they imparted saved my little one.

April R. Risteff, MS
Religion Department
Marianist Lay Affiliate
Chaminade College Preparatory

As a child care professional, being CPR certified is a must. My work has been getting our CPR certification from Jenn Tyler’s CPR class for several years now. They will go to your site and do the training. Jenn and Dennis are both really passionate about making sure people know how to properly perform CPR and first aid. They make the class enjoyable and fun and the 4-8 hours of training goes by fast. I highly recommend Jenn Tyler’s CPR class.

Annie L.
San Francisco, CA

This CPR/First Aid Class is by far the best certification program I have ever taken!!! Jenn and Dennis were extremely informative and really passionate about what they were teaching. They made the class fun, engaging, and more importantly effective in training everyone to remember the steps to feel confident and calm during a situation that is other wise traumatic and scary. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JENN TYLER’S CPR CLASS!!!!

Margaret S.
San Francisco, CA

We had a CPR class Feb 6th and you know how it goes no one wants to do it can’t wait for class to end but we do it. I often wonder if a emergency happened would my staff know what to do? would they be able to handle it with out me telling them what to do. Would someone step up and take charge?

Well I got my answer to that question yesterday Feb 12.

I was out to lunch children were all napping when I returned from lunch two paramedic trucks were right behind me and I had no clue what was going on. When I walked into room 6 one of our children had vomited and had a seizure and was not responding. One teacher was on the phone with 911 the other was following instructions from the 911 operator. My staff was calm and all remembered the training from putting child to her side while vomiting to listening to her breathe and watching for signs of life. (And no one cared about the vomit).

The child is still in the hospital as the seizure lasted a long time. They will be doing  a MRI. Her speech is slurred. All we can do is wait.

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU and your staff. Please let Trisha and Kevin know that the staff did well.

Thanks again

Marion Carneiro
Director of Canyon Vista

Discovery School and Child’s World School love Jenn Tyler and Associates. She has taught us CPR training for the past 8 years. The classes are organized, informative and fun. The information is presented in a way that is easily retained. I look forward to our classes in two weeks.

Eyde M.
Reseda, CA

Team in Training coaches loved this certification. Our instructor, Mike Sweet, came to my house for CPR and First Aid classes. He was very personable and knowledgable. He made the three-hour class fly by, making it fun and informative at the same time with lots of hands-on practice. This class is definitely the way to go to get certified inexpensively and in a much shorter time than most conventional classes.

Dee Dee U.
West Hills, CA

Trish, Trish, Trish!!!! Such an amazing, confident, thorough, on topic, efficient, knowledgeable and formative instructor! I feel honored to have learned this very important life skill from her and would recommend her to anyone I know! A+

Sharen H.
Westlake Hills, VA

We are very grateful to Jenn Tyler and her associates for the professional staff training she brings to our school every year. Our directors and staff give her a resounding 10 and appreciate her well organized, interesting classes and the special sensitivity she brings to every staff member. This is serious training, but Jenn always makes it personal and engaging. We look forward to her training every year at Valley Beth Shalom ECC and recommend her to anyone looking for expert CPR training.

Claire B.
Encino, CA

Jenn Tyler and Associates has provided our Palisades Preschool teaching staff with outstanding CPR and First Aid training during the past five years. We have especially appreciated the professional approach of the trainers and their solid knowledge of best practices in their field. We have also been impressed with the well organized process for reserving and confirming training dates and times.

Nancy S.
Santa Monica, CA

JTA ’s Aloha CPR and their instructor(s) have been assisting our team members with their new certification and renewal for the past 7+ years. We continue to enjoy their teaching techniques along with their spirit of Aloha as they share their life saving skills with us. We commend them for their dedication and taking the time to make these trainings, fun, informative and well remembered throughout the years. We remember their CPR as the “30 pushes and 2 whooshes”.

The hands on techniques works the best for our team and for any team out there. The shorter training sessions encourage the participants to focus and absorb all the information needed to be certified. At the end of each training, we walk away feeling confident that we can be of service when we are needed for these life saving skills. Congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Mahalo a nui loa,

Turtle Bay Resort team

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