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Our Mission

To  be excellent lifeguards to our pools and teach water safety to provide core fundamentals skill while having fun!

Do you have 6 months experience or Water Safety Instructor certification?
Do you have reliable transportation to get to work?
Are you CPR certified?
The questions above are requirements so no need to continue with the rest of the form if your answer to any of them is "no".

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Our Core Values We Provide to our Staff: Autonomy Mastery Purpose

Dear Lifeguard Job Applicants of Happy Swimmers,

The summer season is approaching, and I am currently looking to hire highly competent, personable private lifeguards with strong safety backgrounds in each metro region we serve. If you’ve seen our lifeguard job ads, we serve your metro area, or simply check out our website for a list of metro’s we’re in.

Filling out the lifeguard job application online should take about 15 minutes. You’ll want to scan copies of your relevant certification cards, and have past employer info and references handy. Here’s more info on our company: Happy Swimmers has been the cream of the crop since 1991. We hire the best and pay the best of any private lifeguard company: $75 for up to 3 hours starting plus tips often take you to $40/hr depending on experience your level of service. We intend to have a small, responsive staff, working part-time to your schedule, take as many or few client gigs as you wish.

I look forward to your application and best wishes for the summer and beyond,

Jenn Tyler

Base pay to our lifeguards is at the following rate:

$25-35 per hour, 3-hour minimum- the highest pay in the industry! All pay is pre-tip. Many clients tip $40-100 for great service. The more top-notch you are out there, the more it’s generally rewarded. Have fun!

Do you need to update your Lifeguard Cert? See this Red Cross link for local classes:

Lifeguarding Class local search link

Your Contact Info

Metro Area:
Permanent Address

Are you currently employed?


For Swim Instructors: You must provide a scanned or photo copy of current, non expired CPR certification to be considered for a position. First Aid cert is a plus but not required. CPR Certification must be from an authorized "hands on" class.

Attach your relevant certs as image files like .jpg etc. PDF's do not come through on our end.


List up to your last four employers with attention noted to swimming employment. List most recent first. If no former employers, enter "NA" in the fields.


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List three people who can confirm your aquatic experince.


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The following information is REQUIRED for your application to be considered. Your answers will not necessarily disqualify you from consideration, except for affirmative responses to certain enumerated sex convictions and/or convictions for committing serious and/or violent felonies. EXPLAIN ALL "YES" ANSWERS IN THE BOX BELOW THE QUESTION.

(skip question if a California applicant) Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, other than a conviction related to marijuana if it is more than two years after the date of the conviction, or do you currently have a felony or misdemeanor charge pending? Convictions include a plea of guilty, nolo contendere (no contest) and/or a finding of guilty by a judge or a jury.*
CA Applicant N/A

If yes, please explain the situation:

Have you ever been dismissed or asked to resign from any position?*

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If you experience issues with submitting the application, please call 818-530-4117.


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