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Wow, I don’t know about you, but wow…I love NYE in the harbor!  (That’s not necessarily much to do with our Lifeguard Hire service, but, hey, why not give credit where it’s due…now back to our regularly scheduled programming…lol:

Happy Swimmers Lifeguard Hire is a 27 year-old company from America, now with offices in Australia’s main capital cities.  We know how to keep your pool party guests safe and happy this summer.  We do this by providing fun yet professional, experienced, liability insured private pool and surf lifeguards across Sydney, from the Blue Mountains to Bondi, from Botany Bay to the Northern Beaches.  Yes, these lifeguards serve a variety of functions: children’s pool parties (our specialty), school break parties, wedding receptions around pools, entertainment industry water location filming, and corporate event parties.  Happy Swimmers Australia provides an incredible staff for all of these needs. Our staff are nationally certified lifeguards with an average experience of 5+ years, many at high volume locations. These are pros, not nice but inexperienced teenagers. Wherever there is a pool involved in Sydney and its suburbs  (and most of the other capitol cities), we have staff ready to serve you professionally to maintain a safe and fun environment.

A handful of some of the common areas we serve:

Sydney’s Northern Beaches(20kms plus), Southern Shire, Hills District,  North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, and Southern Sydney. Family-friendly towns like Mosman, Willoughby, Davidson, Middle Cove, Lavender Bay, Killarney Heights, Waverton, add to our list, and let’s add yours 🙂

Special Summer Price for up to 3 hours is $224!  Over 3 hours: add $37/half hour per lifeguard.  Feel free to keep the guards over your original booking pending their schedule and our office will send you a balance due which can be paid by credit card, like your deposit.  The booking form on the next page will easily calculate your cost based on your party length and amount of lifeguards.  We’re a cheap alternative to an accident.

Just recently, one guard made 4 rescues to children at a busy pool party.  Their parents definitely thanked the host for booking our lifeguard. We love keeping the kids (and adults) safe so you can enjoy your party.

 Tip from the guards:

It’s better to have one set of eyes watching the pool rather than several who are half-watching, half-socializing.  We all too often see toddlers walk down the steps in the shallow end, and go under, not able to signal for help.  Luckily, we catch this before it happens, but parents, know this and stay aware.  One of the smartest choices is to have a professional lifeguard hired, for sure.

Our Private Lifeguard for Hire Staff Members in Sydney

David Best~ Sydney Lifeguard Hire, firefighter, cyclist


David has 10+ years as a lifeguard, and a lifetime career as one of NSW’s proud firefighters (if you had any doubts by his photo here)…David is a solid lifesaver, and quite modest, but if you’re lucky, he may share a story or two of his adventures.  Welcome to our team, David!

Ed Moran, Lifeguard for Hire and sushi and rugby addict extraordinaire


Full-time lifeguard at home in Italy 🇮🇪 Moved to Melbourne, now Sydney! Lifeguarding is so rewarding for me, love engaging with the swimmers. I hold a fun and safe service! I have saved two people from the ocean before!  

Some of the areas I serve: Caulfield, St Kilda, Glen Iris, CBD Melbourne

Jacquline, Surry Hills Lifeguard For Hire

Surry Hills

Jacquline is new to Sydney, having 2 years experience as a lifeguard in Chile.  This señorita speaks both English and Spanish and we’re happy to have her on our crew 🙂

Janine Starr, Sydney Lifeguard Hire and who’s always in search for the perfect wave~~

Sydney NSW

20 Years of Experience as a Swim Instructor and CPR Instructor

2 years as a Lifeguard

Jenn Tyler, President of the Company, LGI, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor

Company owner with 27 years lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, and swim teaching experience

Living on Kaua’i island, Hawai’i most of the year, and traveling to Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, and Houston regularly to lead Lifeguard Courses and CPR training, Jenn has been the director of Happy Swimmers for over 25 years. It is a passion to assist in the empowerment of children learning how to swim in a medium once considered a fearful, uncertain place, magically turned into a supportive, fun environment to be explored with friends. The same goes for lifeguarding and training new lifeguards–there is no greater inner joy either in saving someone’s life as a lifeguard, or teaching others how to perform lifesaving skills. It is an honor for me to watch my students grow–where once there was doubt or panic, now there is strength and confidence.

Thank you for looking to become a Happy Swimmer!

–Jenn Tyler, owner, and founder

Miranda Firth, East Lindfield Lifeguard for Hire

East Lindfield, NSW

Paula Dadson, Bondi Lifeguard Hire Mermaid


I have been a lifeguard for the past seven years. I have enjoyed working in Geelong and Tasmania at a variety of indoor and outdoor pools. I am now based in Bondi which is perfect for someone who loves anything to do with water and the outdoors. I have volunteered as a swimming coach and a surf therapist for children with and without disabilities since 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I find providing first aid and lifesaving to the community extremely rewarding, and most importantly being involved in all the fun that goes with being around the water. I think providing a safe and enjoyable environment at pool parties is the perfect gig!

Common areas I serve include Bondi, Sydney, etc.

Extra certifications I hold: WETS water aerobics instructor course, PADI scuba diving certified, First Aid Level 2, Mental Health First Aid

Sean Williams, Lifeguard for Hire


Currently, I work at Fairfield Pool as a lifeguard/ duty manager. I have worked in the aquatic industry for 7 years. These covered council run private pools, included private swim lesson. Additionally, I worked in welfare assisting in family events and playgroups.

I worked at Council pools and ran private and learn to swim pools. My main emphasis is on child water safety

Ursula, Australia Hiring Manager and Senior Ocean and Pool Lifeguard


10  years experience

I’ve been an Australian Bondi Surf Lifesaver since 2008 with a certification in Rescue Boat lifesaving. I am passionate about first aid and survival skills and when I’m lifeguarding I pride myself on safety and prevention. I initially became a volunteer lifeguard because it was a way to give back to the community and be part of a Surf lifesaving club that has given 109 years of service.

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