Washington D.C. DMV Lifeguard Training Mobile for Your Group

Lifeguard Certification

6+ Students Needed, with Your Own Pool and We Come to You!

DMV Mobile Red Cross Lifeguard Training

We are trusted by Congress to train their club’s lifeguard staff. How about you?

Our Washington D.C. DMV Lifeguard Training done regionally mobile to you serves the mid-Atlantic states from New York down to the Carolinas.  You choose a personalized 2-day training appointment for your facility’s schedule.  Three weeks or more lead time is best, but less notice can be workable.

This lifeguard certification course is at your chosen commercial pool location including universities, municipalities, health clubs, and camps.

The host pool needs to have these main requirements:

  • It is a commercial pool (not a residential backyard pool), comfortably heated to 82 degrees+ with a warm 85-88 being ideal for our significant water sessions,
  • have a 7-foot or greater deep end,
  • have a suitable area for videos and land practice.

Email us pictures of your suggested pool to be safe. Additionally, since it’s required by law for your normal pool operation, we ask you to provide some basic equipment for your class.  Your facility must have on hand at least 1 spine board with strap for the chest of a victim and head immobilizer and enough rescue tubes for 1 tube for every 2-3 lifeguard students. Our company provides additional water equipment and all CPR, First Aid, and AED equipment. If you need direction on purchasing rescue equipment from good vendors just ask.

This course is intended for good swimmers.  Class is easiest if they are at a Swim Team/Water Polo Team level, and avid swimmers, but being in decent swimming shape enough to pass the water pre-tests below will be needed. 

Red Cross 2 year certifications are given for each student passing the class. The DMV Lifeguard Training course combined certificate reads successful completion in Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR-Pro, AED, and Lifeguard First Aid. Certification is considered instant upon passing class, with the hard copy certificate emailed to you often the next business day but no longer than 48 hours of class.

This is a 2-day intensive course, usually arranged on one full weekend, or on two consecutive weekdays. Arrange days best for you with our advising. 


For the group, we must set a minimum charge for the DMV Lifeguard Training. The private lifeguard class fee is based on at least 6 students total. If you have a group of less than our minimum 6 and want to proceed with less than 6, it’s ok, we must still charge our minimum base price based on 6 and divide it between participants. At least 5 warm bodies are needed to do the skills.  If we drop lower than that, we must cancel the class and reschedule.  If you don’t have the minimum, and/or you’re willing to allow outside guest students to attend, we can rebate you some of your fees in thanks for allowing outsiders.  Either way is fine, as long as we have or minimum.

Cost per student is $264 tuition and materials + $35 Red Cross online text, certification fee: Total: $299.

Depending on location there may be modest travel fees added.

For U.S. Federal Government agencies: We are qualified as a contractor.

Price Guarantee: If you find a lower price, by an insured Red Cross licensed training provider company doing a private LGT class, we’ll match it or beat it.

The benefits of booking us for a private class over a Park and Rec class?

  • You choose the dates and times that work for your group, not on someone else’s schedule
  • It’s YOUR group, at YOUR location
  • Class size is limited, better quality, and done quicker.
  • Your staff instructors are top-notch pros with over 20 years of experience in lifeguarding. We don’t hire rookie lifeguard instructors: you want your guards trained by the experienced, to be solid guards for you.
  • If you need to reschedule, you can.
  • Our effort is to your individual students passing well, not to move the public group on and not care if several fail.  We go the extra mile
  • Since we’ve been doing LGT’s 25+ years. We know how to make it fun and effective.

Course Swimming Pre-test ability checkoff:

  • Student minimum age is 15 by the final day of class.
  • Swim 300 yards ( example: 12 lengths of a 25-yard pool) either breaststroke and/or freestyle demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing without stopping, not timed.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only one’s legs.
  • A timed weight-retrieval drill (the Brick) where you swim 20 yards, do a surface dive to a 10-pound weight in 7-10 feet deep water, surface and swim on your back with the object 20 yards, exit the water without using a ladder or steps. The time limit is 1 minute and 40 seconds. This is an easy time interval for the normal swimmer.

We offer our lowest price guarantee for any DMV Lifeguard Training booking. We’ve been doing this training 20 years and have a passion and a track record of making the highest quality privately trained guards in the industry.  Again, when Congress can’t agree on much, at least the’ve agreed to book us as their own health club’s trainers.  Give us a try?


Jenn Tyler

Owner/founder, Happy Swimmers Lifeguard Training

ArchitectOfTheCapitol Logo

Lifeguard Certification Staff in Washington DC (the DMV)

Kimberly Lytle

Kimberly Lytle, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard, LGI Trainer & Professional Shark Handler

Kissimmee, FL, 48 years experience!

I have been a swim instructor for 48 years. I was recognized as the Baltimore Regional Chapter Water Safety Aide of the Year. I am certified as an adapted aquatics instructor, Dan Marino Foundation Adapted Aquatics Instructor, and Human Kinetics Adapted Aquatics Instructor. I am the recipient of the Autism Speaks grant to provide free swim lessons to autistic children. Currently I am certified as a Water Safety Instructor Trainer where I have taught individuals to be swim instructors. I started one of the early baby swim programs in the United States in order to teach babies to swim float swim. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the State of Florida to approve new aquatic programs. I love all levels of instruction.

I have been a lifeguard, waterfront and waterpark lifeguard for 48 years. I am currently certified as a Lifeguard Instructor and Instructor Trainer with the American Red Cross. I have taught swimming for the same amount of time and am a Water Safety Instructor and Instructor Trainer. I audit waterparks and municipal facilities evaluating lifeguard and facility standards. I have received several certifications to teacher adapted aquatics and have received a grant from Autism Speaks to provide free swim lessons. I hold a master’s degree in education, was Teacher of the Year for my middle school and Top Ten Educator in the District. I was recognized as the American Red Cross Water Safety aide of the Year and then later the American Red Cross Instructor Volunteer of the Year. I served for ten years at the National Aquatic Safety School in Texas as an Instructor Trainer. As a Special Olympics Tier 2 Swim Coach I am eligible to take teams to national competitions. I am certified as a National Water Fitness Instructor and trained Total Immersion. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Florida Aquatic Council overseeing the development of aquatics in the State of Florida. Also, on the Board of Directors for the State of Florida to approve new aquatic programs within the state. I am a member of Association of Aquatic Professionals, National Parks and Recreation, and World Water Park Association. I have hosted the World’s Largest Swim Lesson for 5 years achieving some of the top numbers in the world. In my spare time I am an avid scuba diver, runner, biker, and weight lifter. I compete in open water competitions with 12.5 miles being my longest distance.

Serving: Florida including Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and travel throughout the state,  also Texas, and Nationally as a Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and WSIT.

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