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It’s smart to hire a lifeguard for a party, and we’re ready to serve you.

Our  lifeguards are trained to be your ever-watchful trained eyes that prevent drowning and near-drowning accidents. We are the largest private lifeguard service in the country, with a management team available to respond 24/7.

We pride ourselves on serving the best Atlanta lifeguard for hire guards, professionally and kindly for your guests to have the safest pool experience possible. Every summer our staff makes at least a half dozen rescue/interventions at parties in/around Atlanta we serve.

The average age of our lifeguards is the mid 20’s, and they are not rookie high schoolers, but usually college graduates with many years of experience.

Rate: $209 for the first lifeguard for up to 3 hours.  Additional lifeguards at a $15 discount: $194 per lifeguard.  Additional half hours per each lifeguard is $28.50.  Our rates are automatically calculated for you on our booking page, including applying the discounts.


PRO Tip on Mermaid tails–they are fun but shunned.  We’ve seen kids from 4-7 try them on, but without very strong swimming skills, strength, and having some prior lessons with them, mermaid tails can be dangerous to use.  Check out the following video:


Welcome to Happy Swimmers Lifeguard for Hire!

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Our Lifeguard Service Staff Members in Atlanta

Ahmad, Event Lifeguard, Ball handling Hooper and Poetic Artist


I have been life guarding since 2016 on & off during all season. Many years of indoor life guarding and a couple of seasons outdoors. My intentions are to make the events as noteworthy & breathtaking as possible. I love life guarding events especially because most host are enjoyable and down to earth people.

One fun fact about me is I can hold my breathe under water for over a minute. Record time 1:35

Serving: Atlanta, Riverdale, Fayetteville

Bennett, Lifeguard for Hire, Part-time Beach Bum and Sun Lover


I started lifeguarding at my neighborhood pool and found post-season employment at Goldfish Swim School. The little kids I worked with there were great and I even enjoyed working with the babies (despite the crying). I stumbled upon Happy Swimmers as I was looking for new ways to use my certification. I feel fortunate to have found such a flexible workplace with such a great staff! This is my second year with Happy Swimmers. The families and clients I work with are always friendly and courteous. Hard to say how many times I’ve been thrown in the pool at birthday parties! I just renewed my certification and plan to continue summers with Happy Swimmers until I graduate college. After that, I’m off to live as a pilot…where I’m sure my CPR and life-saving skills might come in handy!

Serving: Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Woodstock are areas I commonly serve.

Bob Rosen, Event Lifeguard, Retired enjoying life and family


I was introduced to guarding in 1973 when I finally passed a gruesome endurance test to become a lifeguard at a NJ state park on the ocean. Gruesome because the distance and sprint swims were in 64 degree water. I worked 3 summers, took 2 off, and returned for a 4th year. I also guarded at a lake owned by the university I was attending in Florida over the winters. Most recently, I renewed by lifeguard cert and began working at a local Y in October 2021 and have been working part time since then. I enjoy my coworkers and the Y community and try to make everyone’s experience at the pool as welcoming and safe as possible.

Serving: Atlanta

Bruce, Lifeguard for Hire, Sneakerhead Commit, & Sports Connoisseur


My life guarding experience started when I was just in high school. At first I was doing it for extra money so my intention was to get paid, now I take a genuine interest in the patrons of any pool whether I’m guarding or not; my goal is to make sure everyone is safe and most of all having fun and enjoying the pools’ environment. And that’s what I enjoy most because my life guarding experience now is better because I’m not worried about getting paid I’m worried about the people at the pool first then everything else will take care of itself.

Fun fact about me is I want to do a lot of things as a career so while I want to be a pool operator one day and own my own Pool Company I also want to be a producer and make beats for musicians and artists while also having a few artists skills myself. Obviously, when I was in high school, I thought I would be an NBA player when it was all said and done so I definitely dream a lot, even now as an adult.

I serve the Atlanta communities of Decatur, Atlanta proper, Covington, & Brookhaven

Daisy Torres, Lifeguard , Outdoors enthusiast and traveler

I’ve spent the past 3 summers lifeguarding at pools and lakes in the Northwest corner of Connecticut, where I grew up. I knew how to swim before I could walk, and my love for the water turned into a real passion for guarding and water safety. Swimming has continued to be a very important skill in my life, and as a lifeguard, I wish to help others strengthen the skills of their own in a safe and fun environment.

Serving: Orange, Irvine, Newport, Anaheim

Hanna Hudson, Event Lifeguard, Event Lifeguard, Fashionista and Music Lover


This will be my second year lifeguarding as a professional lifeguard and I am also a proud swim instructor on the side. I truly have a passion for being around the water and helping to keep patrons safe while being at the pool. A fun fact about me is that I have been swimming year-round competitively for 6 years! I look forward to meeting and working with our clients to help provide the best experience possible!

Serving: Kennesaw GA, Acworth Ga, Marietta Ga, Powder Springs GA

Hans, Event Lifeguard, Comedian, Sports Connoisseur, Cognoscenti(cologne collector)


My journey as a lifeguard all started during my senior year in High school. Around that time, I partake in my school’s swimming team, water polo team as well as basketball team. I always had a passion to become a lifeguard as a part time while attending school. I loved surveilling patrons while enforcing the rules to prevent any incident that may occur. More importantly, I took a major interest in attending Private parties as a lifeguard at an early stage in my lifeguard career. The host were always courteous towards me and provided me with utmost respect. Fun fact about me is I have a collection of well known colognes and rare colognes.

Serving: Atlanta, Marrieta, Powder Springs

Joel Wilkinson, Event Lifeguard and Big Chef


During the pandemic I guarded at Boundary Waters Aquatic Center which is a small indoor center in Douglassville. During my time there, my favorite shift was the morning because I was able to interact with the older patrons who always had something kind and friendly to say. Also, during the summer months I enjoyed teaching swim classes for young children because I could focus on having fun as well as keeping them safe. One of my favorite things about lifeguarding events is seeing everyone have a good time and being safe. One fun fact about me is that I am from Jamaica.

Serving: Fairburn, Alpharetta, Marietta, Riverdale

Joey, Event Lifeguard, Foodie and Sports Lover


I been lifeguarding for 6 years I’ve guarded all ages from infants to elderly, and I have also guarded disabled and special needs. I love meeting new people and making sure they have the best time possible as well as being as helpful I can be. Growing up going to the pool was one of my favorite things to do so I enjoy being apart of making that experience as enjoyable for everyone I meet.

Serving: Atlanta area

Joscie, Lifeguard, K-Pop Lover, Dog Mom, Concert Enthusiast


I have 7 years lifeguarding experience.

Using my great attention to detail, I intend to make a difference by ensuring my pool patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience. Meeting new people and making connections is something I thrive on! I love laughing and putting smiles on other people’s faces to create a fun and exciting atmosphere 🙂

I serve the Atlanta communities of Marietta, Smyrna, Dunwoody and Buckhead among others.

Ki, Event Lifeguard, Car Enthusiast and Creative Artist( Photography, Graphic Design, Painting)


I began lifeguarding my Junior year of highschool. I started working with Clayton County Parks and Recreation for 4 years and I am currently working as a lifeguard at Jacksonville State University as a lifeguard. From my years of experience I have not needed to make a rescue because I prevent accidents before they happen. I enjoy lifeguarding because I have a good time when everyone else has a good time and no one has a good time when someone has gotten hurt.

Serving: Lovejoy

Marie, Event Lifeguard, Ceramics Artist and a National Parks Fanatic


Serving: Atlanta area

Marlia, Event Lifeguard and Intricate fashion designer


Hello! I’ve been a lifeguard for a county parks and recreation department for 4years now, my intention in guarding is simply to allow those who love the water as much as I do to be safe while enjoying themselves. My favorite part of guarding events would definitely be interacting with the guests as I guard.

Serving: Atlanta, Austin, Houston

Nicholas Znoj, Event Lifeguard and Aviation geek


Serving: Atlanta

Nick, Lifeguard, Qualified land surfer


I have 10 years experience being in a swim league, both the summer season and year-round. I’ve met a lot of friends that way and I like most aquatic activities. I have also been certified in CPR multiple times now.

Shantrice Larlean Vine, Event Lifeguard, DIY Fashionista Queen


I attained my certification to allow the pool to be opened at my current job at the Bellwood Boys&Girls Club, where it had been closed due to a lack of lifeguarding. I have be promoted to program director and wish to continue providing lifeguarding services using my certification. What I have been enjoying the most has to be watching the members have safe fun in the water while gaining confidence to allow progression in swimming skills.

Serving: Atlanta and surrounding areas within 25 miles

Stephanie, East Coast Lifeguard Assignment Manager and Pack of Jac’s mom

My background is in the legal profession working as a legal secretary for many years. I stopped working to raise two children who are now young adults. My daughter is a teacher in the Portland school district, and my son is an artist who lives on the East coast. For the last twenty-four years, I worked as a Special Education Assistant in the Los Angeles Unified School District. For twenty of those years, I worked with at-risk students and students with special needs at the secondary level. These students resided in a residential facility, and I worked closely not only with the entire school staff but with the social workers and staff at the residential placement. I am excited to be part of the Management Team of Happy Swimmers and look forward to working with you.

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