Our mobile lifeguard training as a Red Cross licensed training provider serves multiple metro areas including Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, Washington DC and Hawai’i.

This lifeguard certification course is at your chosen pool location for your private group, or see our calendar 2/3 down the page if you are an individual wishing to join a public offering of ours.

If you're an individual, not a group, click here

Mobile lifeguard training complete with Red Cross certifications are given for each student passing all curriculum points in the course: Lifeguard Training, CPR-Pro, AED and Lifeguard First Aid. Our Los Angeles, San Jose/San Francisco, Texas, Hawai’i, and East Coast branches conduct at-your-location lifeguard certification in one intensive weekend or spread over a mix of evening time weekdays and weekend training.

How Long is the Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course?

This is a 2-day intensive course, usually arranged on one full weekend, or on two consecutive days of your choosing. You are free to arrange class for a weekend or weekdays as well. Most groups though opt for the weekend. This training is intended for solid swimmers.

How many people do I need?

There is an 8 participant minimum for private classes. If you’re by yourself, we can still likely fit you in on one of the forming groups. See below. If you have a group of less than our minimum 8 and want to proceed with less than 8, it’s ok, we must still charge our minimum base price based on 8 and divide it between participants. Five warm bodies are needed for the class for skills practice. 

Your group provides the pool (it can be a backyard pool for skills). We will test kids at a nearby standard 25-yard pool for final checks.

Cost per private lifeguard class group student:

$274 (Breakdown: $239 tuition and CPR materials + $35 Red Cross online text, and certification fee)  Individuals coming to our advertised public offerings, the price ranges from $264-284, sometimes higher, depending on the host pool.

In some cases, travel fees may need to be compensated by the group or host.  Our office will inform you if this is the case for your specific training.

Our Complete Red Cross Mobile Lifeguard Training Course Offerings:

Red Cross Lifeguard Training (LGT) Blended Learning Course

Designed for first-timers, and lifeguards whose certs have expired. We offer this course as a full 2-day program. Same content as 4-day Park and Rec city program classes, but we condense it with longer days and more focused time, cost $274 ($274-$294 for individuals coming to some commercial pool sites)

Link to Download the Lifeguard Textbook to your computer for pre-study here (Lifeguard text near the bottom of the page)

Red Cross LGT Review course,

For those whose certs are soon to expire but still certified (30 day grace period allowed). If your cert is expired, take our standard course (still quicker than typical Park and Rec 4 day LGT courses). The review course is typically given as a one 12 hour day, or sometimes two 6-hour days–cost $184 ($194 some pool sites). Note: bring your CPR pocket mask from your previous class to use in CPR practice, or purchase a new mask for $10 at class.  For the stand-alone review course rate, the whole class must be set up to be a review course, not mixed with standard 2-day first-timer course participants unless otherwise stated. If you intend to have both types of class on the same weekend, that is ok, but please contact our office to set up the training this special way.

Link to Download the Lifeguard Textbook to your computer for pre-study here (Lifeguard text near the bottom of the page)

Red Cross Shallow Water Lifeguard Course and One-Day Review Course,

Designed for people who guard at pools up to 5 feet deep. The same pricing as the standard courses above, however, certification is only for shallow water pools, and easier pre-tests, including a 100 yard swim instead of a 300-yard swim.

Upgrade course from Shallow Water to Standard Lifeguard certification:

Typically 2-3 hours of deep water skills, and passing the longer swim pre-tests of the standard course, plus taking the standard course written test. The cost for upgrade: $50 includes new RC certification fee.

Waterfront Lifeguard Training

Designed for those needing certification for guarding at lakes or calm bays. It’s the standard two-day pool lifeguard program plus a 6-hour third day of waterfront skills at your chosen waterfront. Cost is $315 per student all-inclusive.



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The benefits of booking us for a mobile lifeguard training over going to a Park and Rec class

  • You choose the dates and times that work for your group, not on someone else’s schedule
  • It’s YOUR group, at YOUR location
  • Class size is limited, better quality and done quicker
  • Your staff instructors are top-notch pros
  • If you have to reschedule, you can.
  • Our effort is to the individual, not to move the group on and let a few fail.
  • We’ve been doing LGT’s 25+ years. We know how to make it fun and effective

How to Enroll/Pay?

Our fee is payable by credit card prior to class on the specific event page created for your group.  We offer our lowest price guarantee for any private class booking. If you find a lower price, by an insured Red Cross authorized company doing a private class, we’ll match it or beat it. Our host is automatically an additional insured on our liability policy.  Know almost all individual lifeguard instructors don’t carry any class insurance.  We want you covered.

We’ve been doing this mobile lifeguard training 25 years and have a passion and a track record of making the highest quality privately trained guards in the industry.

Lifeguard classes appear on our calendar below. Some may be private, others will say if they are open for individuals to join. They will be listed as such in their expanded info-click on the training event in the calendar in which you are interested.

Individuals ready to register for a class on our calendar?


  • You choose the dates and times that work for your group, not on someone else’s schedule
  • Student minimum age is 15 by the final day of class.
  • Swim 300 yards (example: 12 lengths of a standard 25-yard public pool) demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing without stopping, not timed.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs
  • A timed weight-retrieval drill (the Brick) where you swim 20 yards, do a surface dive to a 10-pound weight in 7-10 feet deep water, surface and swim on your back with the object 20 yards, exit the water without using a ladder or steps. The time limit is 1 minute and 40 seconds. This is an easy time interval for the normal swimmer.
  • Please note: Course tuition fees are not refundable for not passing the swim pre-tests. Being a lifeguard takes solid swimming skills or you could put yourself and/or the victim in serious danger and have a double drowning. The Red Cross and your instructors take that seriously. Why not practice test yourself in the days or weeks before class?

Here again is the Lifeguard Textbook link.  You’ll need it for the course:

Calendar link also accessed by clicking here

Easy Steps to Host a Lifeguard Class for a Private Group

Step 1

Email Jenn at Happy Swimmers Swim School, about any course questions. Please make sure your host pool is heated (lap pool temp 82 degrees minimum for comfort, or 85 degrees+ preferred, but for sure needed in cooler weather) ask our office if questions.  Your pool needs at least a 7-foot deep end, and you have a comfortable space available for some classroom work/CPR skills, etc. Please email our office a couple of pictures taken of your pool to make sure it’s suitable for the training. Although a large hot tub is warm and fun, it’s not sufficient for the training.

Step 2

Organize the dates you want within your group: often Saturday full day, Sunday full day works well. The 2-day class is for good swimmer, well-focused students.

Step 3

Visit this Happy Swimmers link to book your class:

Step 4

Your mobile lifeguard training is then entered into our online registration system by our office.  The host will then be sent the enrollment link and will distribute it to their group.  As soon as the first student (likely the host) completes their enrollment online with their payment, the group’s training dates are then reserved, and all is a go.

Step 5

As each student of the group enrolls from the link, they will receive their class confirmation receipt and class info immediately to the enrolled email address they used.

Blended Learning is our prime method in our mobile lifeguard training as it saves class time:

In blended learning, students must complete online approximately 7 hours of the course, and show the instructor the online completion certificate at the beginning of class.  Students should have at least 1 week prior to their in-class training to complete the online portion.  Blended learning format is considered 7 hours online, 20 hours in classroom/pool.  A standard LGT course is approximately 27 hours classroom/pool.  Here’s the link to start blended learning if that is your course designation (it’s also found in your welcome letter upon enrollment):

With over 28 years of training our nation’s lifeguards, we’re confident you’ll have a great class!

Jenn Tyler,

Owner and Head Lifeguard Instructor

Tip: Look through chapters on Water rescue skills, spinal emergencies, CPR and First aid prior to class, it goes easier if you’re familiar with some of the basics.


Refund Policy

Due to the booking of our lifeguard instructors and enough equipment, we require a refund policy.

Transferring to Another Class: Class tuition can be applied to one other Happy Swimmers Lifeguard class, when available, within 3 months if you reschedule greater than 72 hours (3 days) from the start of class.

For refund of fees: 100% refund of tuition is granted if it is requested by email 7 days before the class, with the one exception the restriction is waived in the event of documented medical issues. Speak with our office, we want you to take care of yourself.

If you're an individual, not a group, click here

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Any individuals not with their own group, and no pool of their own:

Scroll up first to see if you can fit into a class advertised in our calendar. We add many a month or so before April, May and June, and as they come in.  Check back every two weeks if possible in the Spring/Summer season. First, though, scroll up a bit to see our current training calendar, that’s the fastest to notice what open classes are ready to join and where.


Do you have a pool and are open to hosting a group (large or small)?  In that case, Email us your location, number of host students to start the class off, and the time frame you’d be open to do a class.   We’ll be in touch shortly after.  In thanks for hosting at a home pool, we will reimburse you from 50% to 100% off your tuition fee for one student.  A value of up to $274 and you have no commute!  Host with commercial pool access? Rent $ given even higher.  Hosts are automatically named as an Additional Insured on our insurance policy under our Blanket AI benefit.

Note: Sorry, no individuals will be served during our Winter season October to February, only groups of 8 or more with your own pool can be trained year-round. Individuals texting for dates will get notices resuming March 1st.

Also, check back regularly to our lifeguard training calendar, as classes that are privately formed will go up on this calendar Spring through Summer.

We look forward to training you!

Jenn Tyler and the Lifeguard Instructor Team

Happy Swimmers USA