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Lifeguard for Hire Single Day Event or Two Day Events.

Use the below form to book a single event where one or more certified lifeguards are needed. If booking for two, simply revisit this page after completing your first booking for each subsequent date and the form will have your info saved in the fields. Just begin to type again and it will auto fill.

If you have 3 or more days to book, use the back button now on your browser and fill out the 3+ days booking form instead. 1-2 day bookings, here we go...

Click here to indicate if you are a professional event planner service, or a commercial business client (not a residential client). An automatic 15% gratuity will be added to this booking for the lifeguard(s) tip which would be refundable after your party if any concern is raised.
Click here if this event is for a recognized non-profit organization. A 10% discount will be included in your billing. You may also add the auto-tip option above if helpful.
Metro Area:
Are you a returning customer?
If booking within 48 -72 hours’ notice, a rush fee of $30 per lifeguard will automatically be added to your total
If booking 48 hours or less of the event start time. A $50 urgent rush fee applies per lifeguard. Here you will get your lifeguard(s) assignment within 24 hours, or if "a lifeguard is not available" message, have your total booking amount refunded the next business day. Our full staff in your area is instantly notified upon your rush submission to serve you, it may take up to 24 hours to solidify the lifeguard or be notified otherwise.

If this booking is for something other than a swimming pool (lake, river, ocean etc) we cannot serve you, sorry. Also, we cannot lifeguard private events using a semi-public (HOA, condo) pool, or public pool unless you, the host have chartered the whole pool for your exclusive use.

*Hire more than 1 lifeguard and take $15 off each additional guard.
*Usually 1 lifeguard per 15 swimmers of mixed swimmer/non-swimmer capabilities

  • Hire more than 1 lifeguard and take $15 off each additional guard.
    We suggest 1 lifeguard per 15 swimmers of mixed swimmer/non-swimmer capabilities as ideal.
  • 2 lifeguards are strongly suggested when the majority of children are age 3 years or younger. The youngest age bracket of swimmers at your party decides the lifeguard to swimmer maximum ratio allowed:
    • If the age group 6 years or younger are present for swimming, the maximum ratio is 1 lifeguard per 20 swimmers. (1:15 is ideal)
    • If the age of the swimmers are all 7 years or older only, none younger, the maximum ratio is 1 lifeguard per 25 swimmers.
PLEASE understand, lifeguards aren’t babysitters. Non-swimmers and children 3 years and younger can't be left without parent supervision poolside.

3 hour party is $189 3½ hour party is $214 4 hour party is $239 4½ hour party is $264
5 hour party is $289 5½ hour party is $314 6 hour party is $339 6½ hour party is $364

3 hour party is $189. Each additional 1/2hr is $28.50

A 50% deposit plus any rush fee or auto-tip, if applicable, will reserve your date, which is our company minimum for 1 lifeguard up to 3 hours. If you have more than one lifeguard, the deposit is still 50% or auto-tip. If you go over the deposit you paid, please pay by credit card.

For any balance due, or you can click on our weblink to pay by credit card or VirtualMerchant draft: With top service, feel free to give a tip in cash directly to the lifeguard(s) after the party. They appreciate it in jobs well done.

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Non-solicitation: client agrees to not solicit lifeguard(s) for other lifeguarding work, or employment within a year. Book all future lifeguarding needs only on our website or Happy Swimmers liability insurance won’t apply.

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