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Before you read further! Happy Swimmers does not have a facility of our own. We teach swim lessons at our private contracted out facilities and at in home and community pools. If you have a pool, we will meet you there and provide you with awesome swim lessons!

We can meet at any pool that you have access to (parent’s, friend’s, etc.). If you have a pool and would like your loved one to have amazing swim lessons, keep reading!

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Group swim lessons are a great low cost alternative to private swim lessons. They provide the child with the same great swim instructors and a chance to learn with their friends!

Group swim lessons are a great choice for children that are timid and follow others easily. They are great for a group of friends around the same age and level as each other. This is because they push each other to be better. If a child is afraid of the water but see a friend eager for their swim lesson they tend to ease a bit and want to try new things.

Same price, just split among the swimmers. If you are looking for a low cost alternative to one-on-one swim lessons, check out our group lesson prices and set up your group swim lesson today!

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