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It is Never Too Early or Too Late to Learn How To Swim

Posted on 02 May 2014
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red cross learn swim One great way for nervous or uninspired people to learn to swim is through group lessons. Learning in a group can be a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can see others struggling with the same mechanics as you are and get moral support from other people at your same ability.

The red cross offers excellent supplemental swim classes from ages ranging from 6 months to seniors. These classes are taught in public swimming pools and are available to anyone.

This class helps parents familiarize their young children ages 6 months to 3 years with being in the water and prepares them to swim in the Preschool Aquatics courses. This also gives parents safety information and teaches techniques to help orient their children to the water.

Preschool Aquatics Levels 1-3
promotes the developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills for children recommended ages 4 and 5 years old. Appropriate personal safety and rescue skills are included to help children meet safety goals in all Preschool Levels.

Preschool 1
Orients preschool children to the aquatic environment and to help them gain basic aquatic skills. It also helps children develop comfort in, on and around the water.

Preschool 2
Your preschool children gain greater independence in the skills from Level 1 and develop more comfort in water situations.

Preschool 3
This helps your preschool children start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in the water.

Learn to Swim Levels 1-4
Aquatic and personal water safety skills instruction in a logical progression. You will learn to be safe in, on and around the water.

Level 1
Introduction to Water Skills to learn basic personal safety information and elementary aquatic skills, to help you feel comfortable in the water and always enjoy the water safely.

Level 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills: participants begin to have success with fundamental skills. Your will also learn to float without support and to recover to a vertical position. This level marks the beginning of true self locomotion skills that lay the foundation for more complex swim strokes.

Level 3
Stroke Development builds on previous learned skills by learning the front crawlstroke and elementary backstroke as well as scissors and dolphin kicks. You will learn the fundamentals of treading water.

Level 4
Stroke Improvement to develop your confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Participants will increase their endurance for front crawl and elementary backstroke. You will learn side stroke, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly as well as the basics of wall turning.

If you would like to experience private swimming lessons, please see us for some options that can get you swimming on your own much faster than regular group classes.


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