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For businesses that require CPR certification or those that want to give their employees a skill for their private lives, on-site CPR training and certification classes (along with AED training) can offer a great way to get employees trained in lifesaving first aid techniques while losing the least amount of productivity.

Rather than having to send employees outside the company for off-site classes, they can finish their training and be ready to go to work when the CPR training course is over.

On-site training also allows for easier record keeping. Your company will know when employees are due for CPR recertification and can schedule a group class at the same time every year.

Sending employees out to get their own certification on an individual basis means not knowing when an employee may be out of compliance with certification requirements. That may mean lost work days on the part of the employee and more dire consequences for the company in the event of an audit of first aid and CPR certifications.

Our CPR Class Certification Options

Some of Our Ongoing Corporate Clients

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Where are our classes?

For group CPR and first aid training, we come to your location on your schedule. Individuals come to one of our public classes.

How soon can we book a date?

Sometimes within a couple days, but one to two weeks notice is suggested.

How soon do we receive our certification cards?

For our OSHA compliant company brand certification cards, those are given right at the end of your class. If you’ve requested the upgraded Red Cross certification cards, they usually arrive within 24-48 hours after your class to your email. If students gave us their individual emails, then their certs are automatically sent to the student emails as well. Most private workplace classes though only have the point of contact’s email so all certs are sent there.

What do we need space wise at our office?

A conference room works well, or just enough room for students to practice CPR on the floor. Carpeted floors are helpful for the first aid certification training.

How and when do we pay?

Companies will be invoiced after their CPR training and can pay by check, PayPal or credit card.

Anything else needed for the class?

Some CPR training classes need a DVD/TV others don’t. Your instructor will let you know when they confirm head counts for the number of people registered 48 hours before the class starts.

Call our office with any other questions

Pricing for all types of CPR training is on each region’s page on our site: Los Angeles, Houston Texas, San Francisco Bay Area, and Hawaii. And prices are guaranteed lowest of any comparable class in your area. Book with confidence. Thanks for considering JTA CPR training.

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