Mobile CPR Training to Kauai Oahu Maui and Big Island

Hawaii Mobile CPR TrainingThank you for visiting JTA Mobile CPR Training to Kauai Oahu Maui and Big Island!  We look to train you with aloha. Old-style CPR and First Aid classes have been long and hard. I didn’t like taking classes like that, nor did I want to teach like that, so  “JTA Mobile CPR to Hawai'i" was born.

We do things Hawaiian style - fun, short, and easy, focused just on the basics so we can remember it!

Unlike long classes, 90% of class time with our training is doing hands-on practice with your favorite pale bald guy (see below), and you even get to name him (or her) for the class! I usually suggest calling yours your favorite movie star or sweetheart. (That sure spices up class, working on a Brad Pitt or Salma Hayek now doesn’t it?…)

Hawaii Mobile CPR Training

How long does the class last?

Our Mobile CPR Training to Kauai Oahu Maui and Big Island takes about two hours for CPR, an hour and a half for first aid, yet you are the one that tells me we’re pau. What do I mean? After we practice a good amount, I ask the class to ask themselves, ”Do I feel confident of my skills that I could help save a life?” With our eyes closed, each person checks in with themselves. If anyone needs more practice, we do some more -‘til all feel good.

We are one “canoe,” and we leave no one with an intention to learn behind. This is ohana (I learned that from my kumu hula, Puna Kalama Dawson). And that’s the space from where the class gets taught.

How much does our Mobile CPR Training to Kauai Oahu Maui and Big Island class cost?

You can do a custom price quote for your group in just a few quick steps by using the blue button below. We look to keep our fees very reasonable, yet for individuals, if someone in an open, public community class of ours can’t pay, we will not turn anyone away who wants to learn. Give whatever you can, it’s ok by us (except live chickens please, lol.)

Here’s a 3-minute video clip with a small group at a home. It highlights what CPR is and why it's so important.


Jenn Tyler, president founder

We look to make your training fun, memorable, and still completely certified. You get your card right at the end of class too!

Aloha CPR promises to be a different way of training you and your friends or your business.

For all of our staff,  Aloha,

Jenn Tyler, Your CPR “kumu”
JTA Mobile CPR Training to Kauai Oahu Maui and Big Island

If you wish, you can jump to our booking page by the blue button, or read on for class types and group pricing in the chart below.

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Class Types and Pricing Chart. The larger the group, the more you save.


“Lowest Price Guarantee of any professional, insured training company & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.”–Jenn Tyler, owner.

Course Offerings at your site listed below     Up to 4
5 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 30
CPR $315 $345.6 $484.2 $612 $742.5 $888.3 by special quote ~$28.8 ea
First Aid $315 $345.6 $484.2 $612 $742.5 $888.3 by special quote ~$28.8 ea
Both CPR and First Aid $391.5 $480.6 $659.7 $855 $1053 $1266.3 by special
quote ~$40.5
AED or Bloodborne Pathogen can be added on to your class as an extra half-hour module for $10 per student additional.

Prices given above include our JTA Mobile CPR branded, OSHA approved certification cards. Clients have the option to upgrade to American Red Cross certification cards for $27 each student cert. Satisfaction and price guarantee: We match any competitor course fees, apples to apples. We guarantee you'll enjoy our classes and feel empowered by your training or you won't owe us. We bill you AFTER your class. Write to us within a week of your class with any comments or concerns. In business since 1991, we do things right. Thanks for coming to JTA Mobile CPR-Happy Swimmers.

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Do you have more questions? If so please contact our client care team.

DJLuna, CPR Instructor Staff, Skills Trainer and PA.

Maui, HI

I have been teaching CPR and First Aide for 1 1/2 years. I needed to become an instructor to teach employees within our company to be CPR/ First Aide Certified. Throughout my life I have felt that it was my calling to help people. This could be a simple person to talk to, shoulder to cry on or even the person providing them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to provide care in a situation where CPR/First Aide is called for. I have worked as a CNA, PA and a Skills Trainer in the past and have held a CPR/ First aide certification for 14 years. I look forward to helping you along the path of having the confidence and knowledge to maybe one day save a life. Aloha DJ Serving: Maui

Jenn Tyler, M.A., president, lead instructor, avid ocean swimmer (shark bait)

Mobile at different times of the year: Hawaii, California, Australia

Jenn is the lead instructor and owner of the company and has been teaching private group CPR classes since 1991, after graduating from UCLA with a top group of hand-selected CPR instructors and Lifeguard Instructors.  We operate like a family, pass the mashed potatoes please,  and aim to give you our all in helping empower you, your family and friends in skills that truly make a difference in this world to save people's lives.  Thank you for coming to our program.  Jenn and the staff look forward to serving you! (now please pass the potatoes... :) 

Lata Sua, CPR Instructor, Superwoman

La'i'e, O'ahu

ALOHA!!!!! I enjoy teaching especially the Lifesaving skills. I started teaching CPR/First Aid & AED 6 yrs approximately. It has been rewarding, fun and I learn the most from the people that I teach. I gained new friends and most importantly, we learn a little bit more each time we meet again. I have taught groups in the Hotel Industries, Health Care System, Medical Facilities, Eye Care Centers, Plumbing, Dental, Bus Drivers, Cab Companies, Day Care, Construction, Energy Solutions, Tourist Attractions, Stores – COSTCO, Catering, Care Homes, and if I miss any, my bad. NAME IT – WE GOT IT. A short, informative, fun, hands-on and TO THE POINT session is my main focus. You will walk away feeling confident that you can do your best to help someone when the need arises with the information provided. See you in the next class. MAHALO!!!

Siri in Hawai’i

Kapa'a, HI

Hawai'i statewide CPR and First Aid Instructor 17 years Instructor experience, and Instructor Trainer While dancing hula and teaching somatics, yoga and giving massages on Kaua’i island, I met Jenn when she joined my hula school. I needed to become certified to become a professional babysitter and was trained by Jenn. I really loved how engaging and enthusiastic she was when she taught the class and I was impressed with how quickly everyone absorbed the material while having a fun time. We became friends and she offered me a position in her company traveling to Los Angeles and teaching childcare providers months out of the year. Now I teach classes throughout the Hawai’ian islands from adventure companies, to state agencies, and health professionals. I love teaching CPR and empowering people to assist someone in need. I love sharing wisdom and listening to client stories how CPR has made such a big difference in their lives as they were able to help a fellow community member.